BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018

BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018

blast pro series lisbon 2018 betting sites

Being the third and final BLAST Pro Series event this year, Lisbon 2018 should show to be a create contest of 6 teams. With a prize pool of $250,000 over a 2-day event, there is all to play for at this tournament.

Among the participants are 6 of Counter-Strikes great teams; Astralis, Cloud 9, FaZe Clan, Na’Vi, NiP and MIBR. Despite poor recent performances from Cloud 9 their presence will hopefully not be mute.

For MIBR their roster differs for this tournament as fer is dropping out for medical reasons because of this, ex-iBUYPOWER NA star Braxton “swag” Pierce, will take his spot.

BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 Betting Sites

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Tournament Layout

Group Stage:

  • Single Round-Robin groups, each team plays each other.
  • All games are BO1.
  • Top two teams advance to the grand final.

Grand Final:

  • All games are BO3.

BLAST Pro-Standoff:

  • Bonus show match for the event, includes 5 1v1 aim maps.
  • The 3rd place team from the groups selects a team from below them that they want to face.
  • Winner gets $20,000 as a bonus!

Prize Pool

  1. $125,000
  2. $50,000
  3. $25,000
  4. $15,000
  5. $10,000
  6. $5,000

Teams attending this tournament don’t have much to lose. With only 6 teams playing and a reasonable sum of money up for grabs, there is no reason for any of the teams to underperform. Although it isn’t a major title, many teams would find benefit in this kind of event especially at this time of year. Betting odds will, as usual, be impacted by the large sum of money that is in the prize pool. So, make sure you bet!

BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 Predictions

Due to the number of games, I will keep the predictions short for each of the rounds.

Round 1

Na’Vi VS NiP

NiP have been underperforming recently and Na’Vi hasn’t been up to scratch in the last month. Although, overall judging by Na’Vis recent major event results and lower tier tournaments they are expected to win this match. If Na’Vi are underperforming at the event, however, NiP could take a victory but it would still be a close result.

1.70 vs 2.50 odds via Betway

MIBR VS Cloud9

MIBR has been playing extremely well lately, they have fixed up their issues and are working their way up to being one of the top teams in the world once again. Unfortunately, Fer has skipped the tournament due to medical issues and as a result, has been replaced by swag. This replacement will not be a disadvantage however as swag is notorious for being great at CS:GO. MIBR should take this BO1.

1.60 vs 2.75 odds via Betway

Astralis VS FaZe

The odds natural lean towards the side of Astralis. FaZe have dropped significantly in the past year with little presence in major tournaments. As a result, I would suggest betting accordingly and stick with the expected winners. The only chance that FaZe have is that as the match is a BO1 they could come on top if the map is unorthodox.

1.40 vs 3.80 odds via Betway

Round 2

FaZe VS Cloud9

Both teams have been underperforming in recent events and as a result, it’s difficult to suggest a victor of this match, especially due to the fact that it is a BO1 group stage. The odds swing in the favor of FaZe by a large amount due to the roster changes that Cloud9 have undertaken since the loss of their major winning roster. I believe FaZe Clan will take this match fairly easily given recent results.

1.28 vs 3.50 odds via Betway


Overall for this map I would expect MIBR to take it. In the last several meetings MIBR has taken 7 maps over NiP’s 4 implying they are favorites to win. The odds are swaying in the way of NiP at the time of writing but I believe they will change back to MIBR.

2.20 vs 1.61 odds via Betway

Astralis VS Na’Vi

Astralis continue to be an unstoppable force and have beaten Na’Vi on several occasions this year. I believe that unless star players such as s1mple or electronic step up massively, then the match is going to end up in Danish hands.

1.28 vs 3.50 odds via Betway

Round 3


Again, I disagree with the odds for this matchup. MIBR are looking great at the moment and despite the loss of fer, they can still perform at an extremely high level, especially when their stand-in is a top-level player with plenty of competitive experience. I would personally go towards MIBR but in a BO1 anything can happen in Counter-Strike.

1.36 vs 3.00 odds via Betway

Na’Vi VS Cloud9

Even when Na’Vi aren’t on top form they can take down teams. They should be winning this match up every time if they want to become major champions. This game should be all Na’Vi.

1.20 vs 4.33 odds via Betway

Astralis VS NiP

Much like before, Astralis are expected to win this tournament so I would bet in favor of the Danes over NiP. Not much to say other than this.

1.22 vs 4.00 odds via Betway

Round 4

Astralis VS MIBR

The result of this game should mirror the result of Astralis vs NiP. MIBR have been playing well but in terms of strategy and overall team synergy they are lacking, especially due to the stand-in issue. Expect to see Astralis top the groups and win the tournament.

1.16 vs 4.50 odds via Betway

NiP VS Cloud9

This should hope to be an interesting game. It will provide a bit of insight into how NiP are playing right now and how the Cloud9 roster is adapting to their new players. Expect NiP to win this match with a good contest from C9.

1.40 vs 2.75 odds via Betway 

FaZe VS Na’Vi

Na’Vi should be able to beat FaZe at this point in the year, the FaZe team have had a rough few months and the return of olof hasn’t yielded much success recently. Expect to see a Na’Vi victory, unless they are underperforming in the first day of the groups, then bet towards FaZe for an increased payout.

2.10 vs 1.66 odds via Betway

Round 5

Astralis VS Cloud9

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Astralis to win no questions asked. They’re at top form and should be winning every game against a team like Cloud 9 even in BO1s.

1.10 vs 6.50 odds via Betway


Another good match we can expect to watch this weekend. FaZe and NiP are two teams that have both dropped severely since mid 2018 and will both be looking for a high to finish the year on. I think, however, that FaZe have a slight advantage over NiP in this matchup.

1.66 vs 2.10 odds via Betway


Last but not least, MIBR against Na’Vi. This game is dependent on the performance of Na’Vi. If they aren’t up to scratch on the day, they will most certainly lose against MIBR. They have had ups and downs this year and should be able to take down the Brazilian squad. Odds also suggest this outcome.

3.50 vs 1.28 odds via Betway


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