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CS:GO Asia Championship 2019 Betting Preview

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Since the player break took place over the summer, we have seen some excellent performances from a mix of teams. We also have seen some big signings and takeovers with teams signing huge deals and moving organisations. With $500,000 being up for grabs on November 21st-24th at the CS:GO Asia Championship 2019, eight teams will be battling it out.

CS:GO Asia Championship 2019 Betting Sites

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Recap from previous events

ESL One New York 2019 (September 26th – 29th)

Just before this event one of the major roster changes was announced. Despite no players actually being exchanged, the entire NRG roster and coaching staff were signed by Evil Geniuses. NRG had been pushing for a championship for quite some time. They managed to defeat Astralis in the grand final, ending their first event under Evil Geniuses the best way possible.

DreamHack Masters Malmo 2019 (October 1st – 6th)

This event followed straight after ESL One New York and due to travel arrangements, some teams suffered severe jet lag on the first day or so of games. This most notably affected Evil Geniuses, who crashed out of the competition early despite their success just days before. We have a surprise final between Fnatic and Vitality where the Swedish side, Fnatic, finally claimed a championship again.

StarSeries & i-League Season 8 (October 21st – 27th)

After having a couple of weeks to refresh, teams arrived at the event with things seeming to be back to normal. NaVi continued their inconsistent performances but did comment on how they were treating the event like a bootcamp. The past two major event winners, Evil Geniuses and Fnatic clashed in the final. Evil Geniuses appeared to be back on top with a strong showing.

Blast Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 (November 1st – 2nd)

People are starting to right off the results from these Blast Pro events but I still believe they can hold some weight and merit. Liquid looked poor in their first event in quite some time. Astralis also flopped on home soil. An unusual grand final between FaZe and NiP occurred, with FaZe finding an easy enough victory.

IEM Beijing (November 7th – 10th)

Probably the biggest event since ESL One New York, eight top teams clashed at this event. Another huge roster change occurred but once again it was an entire team and coaching staff signing for a new organisation. The former Renegades roster confirmed their move from Australia to Los Angeles after signing to 100 Thieves. They managed to finish 2nd, not a bad first event for them. Astralis well and truly stole the show here, however. After disappointing in Copenhagen, they didn’t drop a single map in Beijing and look like the powerhouse roster they once were.

CS:GO Asia Championship 2019 Format

Group Stage: November 20th – 21st, 2019

  • Two double-elimination formats (GSL) Groups
  • Each group has four teams
  • All matches are best of 3
  • The top team from each group advances to the Semifinals
  • 2nd & 3rd teams from each group advance to the Quarterfinals

Playoffs: November 23rd – 24th, 2019

  • Single-elimination bracket
  • All matches are best of 3

Teams in attendance and their odds

Whilst the groups for the event are still to be confirmed, the eight teams attending are locked in. The following odds are courtesy of Betway:

  • Evil Geniuses at 2.25 odds
  • ENCE at 5.00 odds
  • MiBR at 6.00 odds
  • Mousesports (Mouz) at 6.00 odds
  • G2 Esports at 9.00 odds
  • Avangar at 17.00 odds
  • Tyloo at 67.00 odds
  • ViCi Gaming at 101.00 odds

Quickfire Betting Tips

Map handicaps – If there’s a clear and obvious winner, map handicaps against them are the easiest way to boost odds. Likewise, if there’s a team that likely won’t win but has a chance of causing an upset, consider a map handicap in their favour.

Group stages can fool – Whilst monitoring teams performance can be a great way to help gain knowledge for esports betting, it’s important to not look too deeply into unusual performances during group stages. There is a history of teams having slow starts and going on to win the event. Don’t let this has a negative influence on your bets during playoffs.

What we can expect

Being honest, the calibre of teams at this event is a step down to what we witnessed last weekend in Beijing. ENCE have completely fallen of track recently, this escalated with the brash decision to replace their reliable in-game leader just prior to the player break. G2 have been horribly inconsistent and after losing Shox to Vitality, the roster has taken a hit.

We also have MiBR and Mouz who are likely the underdog prospects of this event, despite being higher up the odds to be overall winners. Both have been through rebuilding processes and are making strides towards becoming a contender once more.

Then we have Avangar and Tyloo who are always a threat in group stages when they’re a best of 1 format but tend to lose their punch in a best of 3. ViCi Gaming is likely a right off for the event and won’t cause much damage. Finally, this leaves us with Evil Geniuses and despite their ups and downs at recent events, they’ve won 2 of them and will likely secure another at this event.


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