CWL Championship 2019 Betting Guide

CWL Championship 2019 Betting Guide

Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 - CWL Champs 2019

The CWL (Call of Duty World League) Championship 2019 will take place from Wednesday 14th – Sunday 18th August in Los Angeles. The team that comes out on top at this event will be crowned World Champions for the 2019 Black Ops 4 season. This guide will provide you with all the relevant information for the event including some tips and tricks.

CWL Championship 2019 Format

This is without a doubt the biggest event this season and in Call of Duty history, both in value and stature. The overall prize pool sits at a whopping $2,000,000. There are some vital pieces of information to take note of before stepping into Call of Duty betting. Below you can find the format for the event.

32 teams

16 from CWL Pro League

16 from CWL Amateur Finals

Group Stage: August 14th-15th, 2019

  • 8 round-robin format groups (4 teams each)
  • Best of 5 Series
  • Top two teams from each group advance to the Knockout Stage

Knockout Stage: August 16th-18th, 2019

  • Double Elimination bracket
  • Best of 5 Series
  • Grand Finals: Team coming from Winners need to win one Best of 5 series, whereas team coming from Losers need to win two Best of 5 series.

Game Types and Maps

  • Control: Arsenal, Frequency, Gridlock, Seaside
  • Hardpoint: Arsenal, Frequency, Gridlock, Hacienda, Seaside
  • Search and Destroy: Arsenal, Frequency, Gridlock, Hacienda, Payload

CWL Championship 2019 Participants and Outright Odds

Team How they qualified Odds
eUnited 1st Pro League Playoffs 4.00
Gen.G 2nd Pro League Playoffs 5.50
FaZe Clan 3rd Pro League Playoffs 5.50
Team Reciprocity 4th Pro League Playoffs 7.00
Luminosity Gaming 5th – 6th   Pro League Playoffs 7.50
100 Thieves 5th – 6th   Pro League Playoffs 5.00
Splyce 7th – 8th Pro League Playoffs 31.00
OpTic Gaming 7th – 8th Pro League Playoffs 8.00
Team Heretics 9th – 10th Pro League Playoffs 41.00
Evil Geniuses 9th – 10th Pro League Playoffs 26.00
UYU 3rd – 4th Pro League Play-In 101.00
Midnight Esports 3rd – 4th Pro League Play-In 26.00
Team Envy 5th – 8th Pro League Play-In 67.00
Enigma6 Group 5th – 8th Pro League Play-In 51.00
Elevate 5th – 8th Pro League Play-In 81.00
Units 5th – 8th Pro League Play-In 81.00
The Bhoys 1st Amateur Finals 151.00
Team WaR 2nd Amateur Finals 151.00
Mazer Gaming 3rd Amateur Finals 101.00
Sage eSports 4th Amateur Finals 151.00
Team Singularity 5th – 6th Amateur Finals 101.00
Sicario Gaming 5th – 6th Amateur Finals 81.00
Carnage Gaming 7th – 8th Amateur Finals 301.00
Aspire eSports 7th – 8th Amateur Finals 81.00
Vanity 9th – 12th Amateur Finals 401.00
FURY Gaming 9th – 12th Amateur Finals 401.00
Hybrid Gaming 9th – 12th Amateur Finals 151.00
TrainHard Esport       9th – 12th Amateur Finals 501.00
RBL Esports 13th-16th Amateur Finals 501.00
Animosity eSports 13th-16th Amateur Finals 501.00
Fuego Gaming 13th-16th Amateur Finals 251.00
LGND Status 13th-16th Amateur Finals 501.00

The above odds are courtesy of Bet365.

Betting Favourites for CWL Championship 2019


After a stressful season of falling short time and time again on the biggest stage, eUnited finally managed to pull off an event victory at Miami last month. This combined with their season-long consistency has made them favourites to win the 2019 CWL Championship.

100 Thieves

This powerhouse roster disappointed hugely at the start of the season. However, since then they have taken home back-to-back Championships at London and Anaheim. They had a dip in form at Miami, but rumours put that down to taking their foot of the pedal with practice. If they get back to their prime, they will go far in this tournament.

OpTic Gaming

This is the end of an era. The legacy of OpTic Gaming will end this weekend, regardless of the result. The brand has recently been bought over by Immortals and with franchising coming in, the name will be no more. They found success in the opening tournament of the year but have struggled since. It would be fitting for them to turn it around and finish on a high at the final event.

Teams to keep an eye on

With it being Call of Duty Champs, nobody is ever safe. Over the years we have witnessed huge upsets for teams that dominated all year long. We have also seen amazing runs through loser bracket and unlikely teams making it deep in the tournament.

With that being said, Gen.G, FaZe Clan and Reciprocity are the three main teams’ people should be keeping an eye on. They have all found great form recently and, on the day, could beat any other team at this event. It will very much come down to who is best on the day, in that particular series as form will go out the window.

The isn’t so much of a Darkhorse at the CWL Championship 2019. There will be smaller teams hoping to make a dent in the scene and make a name for themselves, but there’s no outright upset coming. Luminosity, despite their recent showing at Miami, would probably be the closest fit for this because of their turbulent season.

Betting tips for CWL Championship 2019

We will keep this short and sweet as to prevent any confusion. Some people will already be aware of these tips but it’s more so to help newcomers for this big event.

  • Check and review multiple reliable sources before placing your bet
  • Keep an eye on alternative betting methods, such as handicaps bets
  • Follow the veto process closely as this will ultimately influence the match outcome
  • Make use of accumulators but don’t fall for the appealing odds and overdo it

CWL Championship 2019 Conclusion

Fans and players are in for a great few days of action in Los Angeles. The CWL Championship 2019 has life-changing money on the line and a whole load of bragging rights for those that come out on top.

As we have mentioned, every year there are brilliant storylines and drama so make sure you don’t miss a minute of the action. With it being the biggest event of the year, the organisers have done their best to have matches on at a respectable time for all around the world.


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