DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018

DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018

dreamhack open atlanta 2018 betting overview

With the tournament just a few days away its time to get into the predictions and expected winners of this year’s DreamHack open in Atlanta. The tournament, which is being held at the Georgia World Congress Center, hosts a $100,000 prize pool.

The primarily US event consists of top teams from the NA scene, including, CompLexity, eUnited, Ghost Gaming and Rogue. On top of this the newly formed French side, Vitality will be in attendance.

DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 betting sites

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How is the prize pool spread?

With the massive $100,000 up for grabs and only 8 teams attending the event, here’s how the prizes are split up.

1st place: $50,000
2nd place: $20,000
3rd – 4th place: $10,000
5th – 6th place: $3,000
7th – 8th place: $2,000

Groups at DH Open Atlanta 2018

With 8 teams the groups are split into 2, Group A and Group B.

Group A
compLexity Gaming
Luminosity Gaming
Team Envy

Group B
Ghost Gaming
Team Vitality

Team breakdown & predictions

Now we know which teams are in which groups, it’s time to check out their recent performances and figure out who’s going to be coming out on top this weekend.

CompLexity (World Ranking – #16) – ShahZaM, dephh, stanislaw, yay, ANDROID

CompLexity is a great example of what an underdog team can achieve at large events. Going into the FACEIT Major in London, they had nothing to lose. As a result, they performed extremely well coming between 5th and 8th position. They also achieved 4th at cs_summit 3.

It’s expected therefore that this roster will continue to produce great results for compLexity. Bet alongside these guys where possible.

eUnited (World Ranking – #30) – FNS, Relyks, dazzLe, dapr, moose

Despite FNS’ big name, he was dropped from Cloud 9 for a reason. He may not be the greatest IGL but he certainly knows his way around Counter-Strike. This is evident due to their recent results at IEM Chicago, beating Na’Vi. They are the underdogs in Group A which could work two ways.

Luminosity (World Ranking – #28) – steel, HEN1, LUCAS1, NEKIZ, yeL

This roster is no stranger to competitive Counter-Srike, HEN1, steel and yeL are all experienced players. They understand how to play in the NA scene and will outperform most of the teams in Group A. Expect to see these guys going far in this tournament.

The only downfall for them could be clashing with compLexity as the better team in the group stage.

Envy (World Ranking – #87) – reltuC, jdm64, Nifty, Drone, Pollo

This is a team that hasn’t produced quality results in a little while. They are one to avoid in betting during this tournament as they have nothing to back up their performance with. The only suggestion that may differ with this is that nifty and jdm64 are both high performing players but reltuC hasn’t been in tier 1 Counter-Strike for a while, or possibly ever.

Envy will most likely not make it through the Group stage judging on the skill of their opponents.

Ghost Gaming (World Ranking – #27) – steel, koosta, Subroza, WARDELL, neptune

Ghost’s players certainly have developed a name for themselves over the years. Steel, koosta and Subroza are well known in the NA scene so expect a good performance from these guys. Not only this but WARDELL has shown some exceptional AWP plays and round clutches recently. It’s expected that these guys will come second in Group B.

Not to mention that these guys picked up 1st in the ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018.

Fragsters (World Ranking – #29) – Bubski, refrezh, dragonfly, torben, stavn

This Danish roster is not ones to bet on. They are slightly inconsistent in play and haven’t produced any major results in the last few months. They consistently perform at qualifiers but then fail to turn up at the events which can be seen in the past few DreamHack qualifiers. Don’t expect too much from these guys this weekend.

Rogue (World Ranking – #34) – Hiko, MSL, Rickeh, SicK, vice

This team contains some Counter-Strike legends. Hiko is renowned in the professional scene and MSL had a spike in popularity recently as well. SicK is a young star who will hopefully put out for the team this weekend. Much like Fragsters, they haven’t produced many results recently.

If they perform well there’s a good chance that they’ll go far in this tournament but they will have to watch out for the likes of Vitality and Ghost Gaming if they want to succeed in the group stage.

Team Vitality (World Ranking – #45) – NBK-, RpK, apEX, Happy, ZywOo

The most dramatic team at the event by a mile. This is the perfect opportunity for the French team to display a new era of French Counter-Strike. With the likes of NBK, RpK, apEX and Happy on a roster together, the team is undoubtedly going to perform well. The newcomer ZywOo is known in FPL and online as an incredible player, much like s1mple and electronic

When can I catch the games?

Friday, November 16th
12:00 Group A | Match #1 – compLexity vs Envy
13:30 Group B | Match #1 – Ghost vs Vitality
15:00 Group A | Match #2 – eUnited vs Luminosity
16:30 Group B | Match #2 – Fragsters vs Rogue
18:00 Group A – Winners Match
19:30 Group B – Winners Match

Saturday, November 17th
10:00 Group A – Elimination Match
13:00 Group B – Elimination Match
16:00 Group A – Decider Match
19:00 Group B – Decider Match

Sunday, November 18th
10:00 Semi-final #1
13:00 Semi-final #2
17:00 Grand Final

All times are in EST.


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