DreamHack Open Winter 2018

DreamHack Open Winter 2018

dreamhack open winter 2018 betting

Taking place over 3 days, DreamHack Open Winter 2018 will host a $100,000 prize pool.

The participants consist of 8 teams, 6 invites and 2 teams from NA and EU Qualifiers. The event will be an offline LAN event taking place in Elmia Convention Center, Jönköping, Sweden.

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Tournament Format

The format of the tournament is as follows:

Group Stage –

  • Two double-elimination groups (4 teams within each).
  • Opening & Winners’ matches are BO1 with Elimination and decider matches being BO3.
  • Top 2 teams from both groups will advance to the playoff stage.

Playoffs –

  • Single-elimination bracket.
  • All matches are BO3.

As you can see by the group stage and playoffs, DreamHack have opted for a standard format seen in most tournaments of this year, so no sign of this changing anytime soon.

Prize Pool Split

With $100,000 up for grabs, the teams will be eager to make it to the top 4. The prize pool is spread among the teams as follows:

1st – $50,000
2nd – $20,000
3rd-4th – $10,000
5th-6th – $3,000
7th-8th – $2,000

Despite teams finishing last, they still receive a monetary award for taking part. This will be important for the smaller teams in attendance who are looking to build up their skills and make it big in 2019.

Event Schedule

Friday, November 30th
12:00 Group A | Match #1 – compLexity vs x6tence Galaxy
13:30 Group B | Match #1 – OpTic vs Bravado
15:00 Group A | Match #2 – LDLC vs Heroic
16:30 Group B | Match #2 – ENCE vs G2 Esports
18:00 Group A – Winners Match
19:30 Group B – Winners Match

Saturday, December 1st
10:00 Group A – Elimination Match
13:00 Group B – Elimination Match
16:00 Group A – Decider Match
19:00 Group B – Decider Match

Sunday, December 2nd
10:00 Semi-final #1
13:00 Semi-final #2
17:00 Grand Final

All times are in CET.

The schedule reveals a pretty jam-packed event over the weekend so be sure to stick around and watch out for the games you want to watch.

DreamHack Open Winter 2018 Groups

Now we get onto the juicy stuff, as of November 21st the groups are as follows:

Group A Predictions

compLexity vs x6tence Galaxy

CompLexity are a team that have outperformed expectations this year. They have collected some impressive results such as 5th to 8th at the FACEIT London Major and 1st in a number of NA Qualifiers and Cups, indicating that they are one of the favorites to win this event. Not only this but at DreamHack Atlanta compLexity topped the groups with 2-0 in their BO1 matches only losing out in the semi-finals to Team Vitality.

X6tence Galaxy do not share the same expectations as compLexity. They only formed just under two months ago and have very little experience playing against top tier teams like compLexity do. Although they have performed reasonably in EU qualifiers, their lack of overall synergy as a roster may cause their downfall against compLexity. The advantage that this team have however, is that they are the underdogs and therefore have nothing to lose. This could give them a spur of energy to perform better at LAN events to prove themselves as contenders in top tier Counter-Strike.

The odds suggest that compLexity is most likely to win this match with 1.30 odds against x6tence Galaxy’s 3.20. I would support this judgement and stick with compLexity in this game.

LDLC vs Heroic

This match is probably the closest one within the group stages. Both LDLC and Heroic have had ups and downs this year, neither of which has shown any specifics as to why they will be the victors of this clash.

LDLC has had some roster changes in May of this 2018, removing DEVIL and adding AmaNEk and devoduvek. This seems to have worked out relatively well for the team as they picked up wins at ESL Championnat National, GG.BET Shuffle and at the ESL Pro European Championship. LDLC seem to perform well against lower tier teams but against top tier rosters they cannot handle the higher level of play. It would be a very shocking turn of events to see them take this tournament.

Heroic also have pretty mixed results this year, the only real notable result for them was a victory at Games Clash Masters, apart from this the team has lacked in results overall. Heroic have also lost against LDLC recently at GG.BET Shuffle 2:1 indicating that they are capable of winning the BO1 match against LDLC. As a result, the odds are neck and neck so I’d recommend voting on the side of LDLC but don’t rule Heroic out early.

Predicted table:

2 – LDLC

Group B Predictions

OpTic vs Bravado

OpTic have a massive advantage over Bravado in this game. The odds are in OpTics favour by a long shot at 1.15. Bravado are at a huge disadvantage here and there is not much to say about the outcome of the game.

OpTic have consistantly put up performances against some bigger named teams and will most likely make it out of the group stage at DreamHack winter. They’ve picked up good results such as 2nd at GG.BET Shuffle and 2nd at cs_summit 3. They have also faced some pretty poor games too, losing against Epsilon and even Heroic and Imperial, teams which they should be taking down.

Bravado have interesting results. They perform exceptionally well against lower teams such as INTZ and Etherian but anyone who is considered a higher tier in Counter-Strike have most likely been the victors against Bravado, including, CompLexity, NRG and Ghost Gaming. There is no real contest to this match up.

ENCE vs G2 Esports

This match is a closer affair. ENCE are a team performing well at the moment. They’ve picked up great wins this year beating top tier teams and outperforming expectations all round. These wins include 1st at Assembly GameXpo and ESEA Season 28 Advanced Division, where they beat fnatic in a BO3. Ence are most likely to beat G2 as the French team are running on rough ground at the moment.

G2 have no real huge achievements in 2018. The roster has become stale and in true French Counter-Strike style, has begun to crumble. They have been beaten on countless occasions by larger teams but have even lost to the likes of LDLC and Windigo at different tournaments. Expect to see a win for ENCE and to look out for them in the playoffs.

1 – OpTic
2 – ENCE
3 – G2

Outright Prediction

Overall, I expect to see compLexity take this tournament and the odds back this up. They are by far the best team attending DreamHack and should take the event fairly easily if they continue their current 2018 form.

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