ecs season 6 finals betting overview

With the finals coming up next week, FACEIT has revealed the schedule and groups for the ECS Season 6 finals. The groups have been decided through the ECS North American and European divisions. Group A contains the likes of MiBR and Astralis, where Group B has NiP and NRG. The finals will host a $600,000 prize pool and will be held at the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Who’s in the Groups?

Group A

  • Astralis
  • Mousesports
  • MiBR
  • Cloud 9

This group seems to be one-sided, there are some big names in there but Cloud 9 are severe underdogs in this situation, as such, I would not be expecting them to make it out of the group stage. Astralis will most likely top the board and the other spots will be fought out between Mouse and MIBR. I’d recommend betting against Cloud 9 and betting alongside Astralis in the groups. Check below for individual odds and predictions.

Group B

  • NRG
  • Liquid
  • North
  • NiP

Group B is far more balanced than A. NRG and Liquid have both been playing well recently so it could be a bit of a clash for those two. North are somewhat inconsistent to say the least, they came 4th in the ESL Season 8 Pro League but also won the ECS Season 6 Challenger Cup. It’s very difficult to keep tabs on these guys. NiP are Counter-Strike legends. They will most likely put up a good fight so expect them to perform well.

Outright Odds for ECS Finals

Astralis – 1.8
Liquid – 4.2
Mousesports – 6.5
NRG – 12
NiP – 13
North – 15
MiBR – 15
Cloud 9 – 25

Odds provided by GG.BET!

[bonustable num=1 tag=’ggbet’ ]

As the odds suggest, Astralis and Liquid are the favorites for this event. As per usual, MiBR are quite unpredictable in their playstyle so their odds are not looking as strong as they should.

Unfortunately, Renegades could not attend the event due to Visa issues and as such have been replaced by Cloud 9.

Group Stage Match Predictions


This matchup will probably be an easy victory for Astralis. They’ve been on great form recently coming 1st at IEM Chicago, FACEIT’S London Major and many more this year. Since the release of their major winning roster Cloud 9 have slowly dropped down the ranks and as such have no real notable achievements in the past year.

All odds provided by Betway esports:

[bonustable num=1 tag=’betway’ ]

ASTRALIS TO WIN – 1.15 @ Betway


This game will certainly be a close one if the MiBR boys are on form. Mousesports have been consistently playing well at larger tournaments and are looking to build up to a major win. Mousesports recently won ESL One in New York and will be looking to cap off the year with another success in Texas. The odds are also leaning towards Mousesports to be the victors of this clash.

MOUSESPORTS TO WIN – 1.55 @ Betway


Despite NRG’s recent success at cs_summit 3 and IEM XIII – Shanghai, they are not expected to defeat the Swedish team next week. NiP have always been a big name in Counter-Strike and their recent performance at BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen shows that they are still up for a fight. As long as NiP are playing up to scratch then expect to see them take this match.

NIP TO WIN – 1.75 @ Betway


Team Liquid are expected to take this match. They’ve performed well at recent events, coming second at IEM Chicago as well as consistent second to third places at ESL One and StarSeries. North cannot say the same for themselves. Expect a reasonable fight to come out of the Danes but nothing too drastic.

LIQUID TO WIN – 1.40 @ Betway

ECS Season 6 Finals Schedule

Thursday, November 22
15:00 |  Astralis vs.  Cloud9 | BO1
16:30 |  mousesports vs.  MIBR | BO1
18:00 |  NRG vs.  NiP | BO1
19:30 |  Liquid vs.  North | BO1
21:00 | Group A winners’ match | BO3
00:00 | Group B winners’ match | BO3

Friday, November 23
15:00 | Group A elimination match | BO3
18:00 | Group B elimination match | BO3
21:00 | Group A decider | BO3
00:00 | Group B decider | BO3

Saturday, November 24
18:00 | Semi-final #1 | BO3
21:00 | Semi-final #2 | BO3

Sunday, November 25
17:30 | Texas Collegiate Showdown | BO1
18:30 | Movember ECS Showmatch | BO1
21:00 | Grand Final | BO3

ECS has gained a lot of traction recently and it hopes to be a great event. With a huge prize pool and plenty of great teams, it is sure to be an exciting week of Counter-Strike.

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