ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals

ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals

ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals betting

With the standings for ESL Pro League Season 8 completed, the finals have been announced. Taking place in Odense, Denmark and hosting a whopping $1,000,000 prize pool, the event is set to showcase some top-tier Counter-Strike.

The tournament has some top names in attendance as well as its fair share of underdog teams to root for if that’s your kind of thing. Without further ado, let’s get into the standings.

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Current ESL Pro League Standings


  1. Astralis 62Pts – 19W – 3L
  2. Na’Vi – 54Pts – 16W – 6L
  3. BIG – 49Pts – 13W – 7L
  4. North – 44Pts – 12W – 10L
  5. HellRaisers – 41Pts – 11W – 10L
  6. Mousesports – 40Pts – 13W – 12L
  7. G2 – 40Pts – 13W – 12L
  8. Windigo – 35Pts – 10W – 12L
  9. Space Soldiers – 34Pts – 10W – 13L
  10. Heroic – 32Pts – 10W – 15L
  11. FaZe Clan – 31Pts – 10W – 15L
  12. NiP – 30Pts – 10W – 16L
  13. Fnatic – 29Pts – 8W – 15L
  14. AGO Esports – 25Pts – 7W – 16L

On the EU side, things are looking fairly normal as of late. Astralis are still top of the table, closely followed by Na’Vi. The only shocking factor to this table is that NiP, FaZe and Fnatic all failed to qualify for the finals, something which if you had told me two years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. Expect to see dominant performances from Astralis and Na’Vi at this event.


  1. MIBR – 55Pts – 17W – 3L
  2. Ghost Gaming – 46Pts – 14W – 6L
  3. NRG – 40Pts – 12W – 8L
  4. Team Liquid – 40Pts – 13W – 8L
  5. Renegades – 38Pts – 11W – 7L
  6. INTZ – 32Pts – 10W – 10L
  7. EUnited – 32Pts – 10W – 11L
  8. Cloud 9 – 29Pts – 9W – 12L
  9. CompLexity – 24Pts – 7W – 13L
  10. Rogue – 23Pts – 6W – 12L
  11. Envy – 20Pts – 6W – 14L
  12. Luminosity – 17Pts – 5W – 16L

Across the pond in NA, MIBR are once again the top performers in the standings. The major winning roster is set to go far in the tournament only to be halted by the likes of Na’Vi, BIG and Astralis. In terms of the rest of the standings, it is a fairly expected result. Liquid, NRG and Renegades are in a close battle for the 3rd position and will continue to battle it out through the tournament.

Who are the favorites in Odense?

ASTRALIS – 2.50 Odds

With the best outright odds of the tournament, Astralis are the favorites to win the finals. Very few teams can compete with the teamplay of Astralis at the moment, the setups and skills that the team have developed over the course of 2018, it is definitely a wise choice to stick with the odds on this one.

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NA’VI – 5.50 Odds

With recent results being somewhat poor from Na’Vi, it is expected that the odds will be less in their favor. However, it is important to remember that they are one of the only teams around who can challenge Astralis on a consistent basis. They put up great performances at Major events despite inner challenges. S1mple and Electronic continue to be two of the best Counter-Strike players to date and will hopefully maintain this track record and bring home a victory for Na’Vi to get some motivation back into the roster.

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LIQUID – 5.50 Odds

Liquid are on reasonably good form at the moment. After placing 2nd at IEM Chicago and 3rd in the standings, it is expected that they will do well at this event. Unfortunately, they do not hold a great record versus the likes of Astralis, losing 3-0 to them at IEM Chicago in the finals. They could best Na’Vi but it is unlikely that they will beat Astralis if they make it into the finals.

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Mousesports are hard to pin down as a team right now, they have performed well at some events such as 1st at ESL One and 1st at StarLadder however, their performance at major events such as London 2018 were less than notable. The skill of the players really makes this team exceed expectations. If the players are not feeling the event then they will underperform. Personally, I would avoid backing mousesports overall and wait to see how they are doing in individual games.

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How to Watch

You can keep up to date with matches on all devices. ESL streams most of its matches through Facebook so if you have an account you can view their page to watch the games. If you do not have an account you can watch the games at , this is also available for mobile/tablet users.

If you have a smart TV, then you will have to use the Facebook dedicated smart TV application which is present on most TVs apart from PS4 and Xbox.

On a standard TV set you will have to view your regional eSports TV channel which you can see here

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