ESL Pro League Season 8 Semi-Final Predictions

ESL Pro League Season 8 Semi-Final Predictions

esl pro league season 8 playoffs semi finals

With the ESL Pro League Season 8 semi-finals taking place later today and the finals just around the corner, it’s time to take a look and see who’s going to make it to the finals.

Who came out on top in the groups?

The tournament so far has been a fairly standard set of results. Astralis continue to dominate the CS:GO scene with wins over ViCi, HellRaisers and Team Liquid to earn their spot in the semifinals. Alongside them in Group A were Team Liquid who also played well gaining victories over G2 and BIG.

Over in Group B, MIBR had a similar trajectory to Astralis taking victories against Sharks, NRG and then mousesports, who had previously taken out Counter-Strike giants, Na’Vi. Also in the top 2 from Group B were mousesports. They took down Ghost Gaming and Na’Vi and then went on to lose versus MIBR.

Lower bracket victors from Group A and B

Back in Group A, Renegades gained victories against ViCi, Big and then G2 to take the 5th-6th spot in season 8. In Group B, Na’Vi, despite a sour loss against mousesports, went on to win games against Sharks and Ghost to take the other final standing.

Several teams failed to show up at this event. North played below the standard that we expect to see from them. Losing to NRG in the Group Stages and then losing 2-0 versus newbies Sharks was a poor result for the Danes.  Although ORDER isn’t expected to win these events their 2-0 against Ghost wasn’t expected, especially after their 16-14 loss against Na’Vi.

Semi-Final Predictions

MIBR vs Team Liquid

Both teams are in pretty good form at the moment. The odds suggest that MIBR will take this semi-final based on their stellar performance throughout the group stage. I would agree with this for the most part as they haven’t lost a game in the ESL Pro League finals so far.

On the other hand, Team Liquid also had success only losing out to Astralis in the Upper bracket 3rd round, something which most teams tend to do at this point in time. Liquid also had two giant wins against BIG, a team that are definitely not of a lower tier. Players like TACO also enjoy playing against their former teammates and provides great plays when he is in this situation.

MIBR – 1/1 – 2.00   Team Liquid – 3/4 – 1.75 odds via Betway

Astralis vs Mousesports

Once again, it would be odd to doubt the skills of Astralis. They’ve won every game in this tournament and don’t look like they want to stop now. The odds are in Astralis’ favor by a mile. Mousesports have shown some success this season and are playing great Counter-Strike.

Astralis – 9/50 – 1.18  Mousesports – 33/10 – 4.30 odds via Betway

All odds taken from time that article was written.

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