IEM Katowice 2019 Betting

IEM Katowice 2019 Betting

iem katowice 2019 betting sites

The most significant CS:GO tournament of the year thus far is currently taking place and I’m here to help with your IEM Katowice 2019 betting options. These majors are without a doubt unique compared to traditional tournament formats.

They contain high levels of competition that spans throughout a few weeks to put every team to the test. Meaning the team who are indeed the best at that time will come out on top and get a tasty chunk of the $1,000,000 prize pool. Below you will find explanations for the format, which bookmakers offer the best odds, who the favourites are and much more.

IEM Katowice 2019 Betting Sites

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Favourites to win IEM Katowice 2019

The odds are looking in favour of familiar faces thus far. Following the dominant performances shown by Astralis last year and securing the Grand slam (Grand slam is winning every Major that year/season), it comes as no surprise that they are eyeing up as the majority favourites to win the event.

Here are the current top 5 favourites for the event and their odds:

#1 Astralis at 1.90 odds
#2 Team Liquid at 5.75 odds
#3 Faze at 9.00 odds
#4 MiBR at 11.00 odds
#5 Natus Vincere at 13.00 odds

Looking at the potential teams that can make it to the Champions Stage, it’s expected that the semi-finals will be made up of these teams unless an unfortunate fall of the bracket says otherwise.

If you are looking for a safe bet, Astralis should be your pick, with their current trends they could be in for another very successful season.

Breakdown/Format of IEM Katowice

To keep it simple, a CS:GO Major consists of three different stages that you could view as being their own miniature tournaments all combine to make one big event. These stages are:

  • Challengers Stage (lasts five days)
  • Legends Stage (lasts five days)
  • Champions Stage (lasts four days)

To help you understand further, I’ll break down each stage of the tournament for you.

Challengers Stage:

The first step of the journey at Katowice will consist of 16 teams. Six of these were confirmed at a previous Major that took place in London last year. These are the teams that placed 9th-14th at the event:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Fnatic
  • G2 Esports
  • Vega Squadron
  • Cloud9

The remaining ten teams had to qualify through their respective regional Minors. The ten teams that qualified are:

  • Avangar
  • ENCE Esports
  • Team Spirit
  • Team Vitality
  • Renegades
  • NRG Esports
  • Grayhound Gaming
  • Furia Esports
  • Winstrike Team
  • Vici Gaming

The Challenger Stage took place on February 13th-17th at the ESL Studio based in Katowice, however, did not feature a live audience.

Legends Stage:

The top 8 teams from the Challenger stage have been confirmed. After an exciting week of action consisting of upsets and storylines, we now know the 16 teams that will be competing at the Legends Stage.

  • Complexity
  • Team Liquid
  • Astralis (Current Champions)
  • Natus Vincere
  • BIG
  • Faze
  • Hellraisers
  • MiBR
  • NRG
  • Vitality
  • ENCE
  • G2 Esports
  • Cloud9
  • NiP
  • Avangar
  • Renegades

This stage is hosted in Katowice’s MCK (International Conference Centre) on February 20th-24th. Like in the Challenger Stage, the top 8 teams from the Legends stage will advance to the Champions stage. For the first time at Legends Stage, there will be a live audience with 1,200 seats available for each day of the event.

Champions Stage:

This crucial stage will take place in The Spodek Arena to conclude the event on February 28th-March 3rd. Having worked their way through numerous phases, this is where the best eight teams in the world will battle it out in a single elimination bracket to determine who will put their name in the history book.

IEM Katowice Match-Ups:

Wednesday, February 20
12:00 – Round 1 – ENCE vs Renegades | BO1
12:00 – Round 1 – BIG vs Vitality | BO1
13:10 – Round 1 – Natus Vincere vs G2 | BO1
13:10 – Round 1 – FaZe vs HellRaisers | BO1
14:20 – Round 1 – NRG vs NiP | BO1
14:20 – Round 1 – Liquid vs Avangar | BO1
15:30 – Round 1 – MiBR vs Cloud9 | BO1
15:30 – Round 1 – Astralis vs Complexity | BO1
17:05 – Round 2 match #1 | BO1
17:05 – Round 2 match #2 | BO1
18:15 – Round 2 match #3 | BO1
18:15 – Round 2 match #4 | BO1
19:25 – Round 2 match #5 | BO1
19:25 – Round 2 match #6 | BO1
20:35 – Round 2 match #7 | BO1
20:35 – Round 2 match #8 | BO1

Thursday, February 21
12:00 – Round 3 match #3 | BO1
12:00 – Round 3 match #4 | BO1
13:10 – Round 3 match #5 | BO1
13:10 – Round 3 match #6 | BO1
14:00 – Round 3 match #1 | BO3
14:00 – Round 3 match #7 | BO3
17:30 – Round 3 match #2 | BO3
17:30 – Round 3 match #8 | BO3

Friday, February 22
12:00 – Round 4 match #1 | BO3
15:00 – Round 4 match #2 | BO3
18:30 – Round 4 match #3 | BO3

Saturday, February 23
12:00 – Round 4 match #1 | BO3
15:00 – Round 4 match #2 | BO3
18:30 – Round 4 match #3 | BO3

Sunday, February 24
12:00 – Round 5 match #1 | BO3
15:00 – Round 5 match #2 | BO3
18:30 – Round 5 match #3 | BO3


Where to find the best odds

Now that we’ve sorted the format out, it’s essential for you to figure out which bookmaker to use for the best odds. If you want to keep an eye on numerous options for the best IEM Katowice odds, I’ve picked out the top Esports betting sites:

The odds I will be using throughout this article have been retrieved directly from Betway.

The Darkhorse of the event

Usually, I’d only pick out one Darkhorse for an event but following the format for this Major I think it’s just right that I pick out two teams that could cause potential upsets.

First up there are Ninjas in Pyjamas, who is a real staple in CS:GO history and trying to battle their way back to the top. They’re trying to do this with a roster that is mixed with experienced veterans and younger players filled with natural talent. The team is currently ranked as 8th in the World however they had to battle it out in Challengers Stage before they even had the chance to cause some upsets. Their odds to win IEM Katowice are 34.00.

Secondly, we have Cloud9, an organisation formally known for success in the North American region are currently sitting on odds of 67.00 to win the event. Their current roster is made up of vastly experienced players that have all tasted success in the past. It will just become a matter of how well they can gel together and how they perform on the day.

Teams to keep an eye on

Both teams were mentioned in the top 5 favourites to win the event, but I believe they will be the key teams to follow throughout the event; Faze and MiBR.

When Faze first stepped into CS:GO a couple of years ago they immediately rose to the top, however, since that spell that has become incredibly inconsistent and you never quite know which team is going to show up. When they do show up they can compete against anyone and can be in the running to win it all, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Regarding MiBR, the roster is filled with players that for a while knew nothing, but success, however, has stuttered at events since. Without a doubt, they have the quality and potential to secure a 1st place at this major, and they have made roster changes in the offseason to help push towards this. They will be one of the more entertaining teams to watch in the Legends Stage and hopefully in the Champions Stage.

New areas to bet on

Betway is currently running specials for IEM Katowice for you to bet on, which are presently all focused on the Legends stage and include:

  • Who will qualify from Legends to Champions
  • Total rounds played
  • Most-played map
  • Any map to finish 16-0
  • Total games that go to Overtime

This area of betting suits those that go into more in-depth detail for each event and follow the scene carefully. Anyone can place bets here but those that will be more success will typically have further knowledge, keep up to date on relevant stats and watch every game.


Overall, I personally think the format for IEM Katowice 2019 is one of the best we’ve seen yet. It will help to identify who the best teams in the world are truly and not many excuses can be made about not having a chance to make it to the Champions stage. I think we can expect familiar faces to be battling it out for the top spots but as of right now it can be challenging to pick an outright favourite to win.


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