IEM Katowice 2019 Minor: Qualifiers Betting Guide

Over the next 4 days, teams from around the world will face off in an attempt to gain a spot at the IEM Major in Katowice. With high stakes on the line, teams will be trying their hardest to start the new year on a strong foot.

In this guide, I will cover a quick rundown of who is expected to win in each qualifying match as well as an outright winner for each region. So, without any more delay lets jump right in.

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CIS Qualifier – Match Odds and Winners

Group A

Nemiga V Spirit – 3.10 – 1.32 @ Betway

Not much is known about the two sides and so it can often be difficult to suggest a winner. However, Spirit has shown some good results against teams like Windigo, X6tence and Team Vitality, the odds also suggest they will be the victors of this lineup.

Gambit V Syman – 1.25 – 3.55 @ Betway

With a major title already under Gambit’s belt, they’ll be looking to make it far with their new roster in Katowice. They’ve proven countless times that they are a force to watch out for and as a result should win this game easily.

Group B

AVANGAR V Pro 100 1.40 – 3.10 @ Betway

Pro 100 have a reasonable reputation but have minimal results against bigger sides. AVANGAR had a strong 2018, picking up a number of first place victories as well as maps against top tier teams.

Winstrike V Runtime – 1.85 – 1.85 @ Betway

Odds for this game are pretty much what most of us expected. Personally, I would personally side with Winstrike however, it is uncertain of who will win this game.

Outright Winner?

Surprisingly, AVANGAR is expected to top the qualifier with odds of 2.95 but personally, I would side with Gambit.

Europe Qualifier – Match Odds and Winners

Group A

Mouzsports V Valiance – 1.35 – 2.95 @ Betway

Mousesports have been in great form as expected. They competed well in 2018 at events such as ESL One New York but not so well at the FACEIT Major. They should expect to beat Valiance so I’d go with the odds here.

Vitality V OpTic – 1.80 – 1.90 @ Betway

This is a closer matchup, Vitality have shown growth with their young star ZywOo and OpTic have failed to step up in 2018 producing some poor results. I would side with Vitality in this match.

Group B

North V Windigo – 1.35 – 2.95 @ Betway

Windigo had some great results in 2018 but North look stronger overall and expect to go to Katowice and face against bigger sides.

? (Ex-Space Soldiers) V ENCE – 1.94 – 1.28 @ Betway

Space Soldiers having dropped their roster are still in the running in the qualifier. ENCE are predicted to win the game but the Space Soldiers roster still have quality team play so it will most likely be a close game.

Outright Winner?

Mousesports is expected to top the qualifier with odds of 2.40.

Asia Qualifier – Match Odds and Winners

Group A

Renegades V Aequus – 1.15 – 4.75 @ Betway

Renegades are pretty much guaranteed a win here, they’ve qualified through the Asian Qualifiers of Majors before and will most likely do it again.

CyberZen V Grayhound – 2.95 – 1.35 @ Betway

Grayhound is another Australian team that have proved themselves through qualifiers and at Majors. CyberZen have had some success but expect to see Dick Stacey and the gang take this game.

Group BViCi V GOSU – 1.28 – 3.35 @ Betway

This South Korean side hope to make it to the majors for the first time however, ViCi have more experience in qualifying so will most likely take a victory here. A good bet to make to make some safe profit.

Beyond V MVP PK – 3.35 – 1.28 @ Betway

MVP PK have great results in 2018 with many wins in a range of Asian and international tournaments. They will take this game no questions asked.

Outright Winner?

Renegades is expected to top the qualifier with odds of 1.80.

Americas Qualifier – Match Odds and Winners

Group A

NRG V Imperial – 1.15 – 4.75 @ Betway

NRG are a team comfortable playing at this level, they had success in 2018 at cs_summit 3, IEM Shanghai and many others. This should be a comfortable win for them.

Bravado V INTZ – 2.30 – 1.55 @ Betway

This is Bravados first real attempt at Major qualifying and as a result they may not be ready for the next level of Counter-Strike. INTZ have some success against lower tier sides so I’d expect them to take the victory.

Group BENVY V TeamOne – 1.65 – 2.10 @ Betway

ENVYs recent addition of Karrigan from FaZe Clan may give them an advantage over the Brazilians, expect to see a win for ENVY, although it may be closer than expected.

FURIA V eUnited – 2.20 – 1.60 @ Betway

EUnited has experience playing against Major title contenders such as Na’Vi and Astralis. They are comfortable in lower tiered games and will, in my view, take this game fairly easily.

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