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League of Legends World Championship 2019 Betting Guide

It’s that time of year again and the League of Legends 2019 World Championship is here. With the play-ins completed and the competition heating up, we thought a betting guide would be helpful for everyone following the event.

Best League of Legends World Championship 2019 Betting Sites

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League of Legends Worlds 2019 Format

24 teams are invited:


  • Group Stage (Round 1)
    • 12 teams participate
    • Teams are drawn into four groups based on seeding
    • Double Round Robin
    • Matches are best of one
    • Top two teams per group advance to Round 2
  • Knockout Stage (Round 2)
    • 8 teams participate
    • 1st place teams from the group stage each face a 2nd place team
    • Matches are best of five
    • Winners advance to the Main Event

Main Event

  • Group Stage
    • 16 teams participate
    • Teams are divided into four groups
    • Double Round Robin
    • Matches are best of one
    • Top two teams from each group advance to the Knockout Stage
  • Knockout Stage
    • Single elimination bracket (drawn randomly, 1st place teams face 2nd place teams, no two teams from the same group can be placed in the same half of the bracket)
    • Matches are best of five

League of Legends Worlds 2019 Participants & Outright Odds

  • G2 Esports at 4.00 odds
  • SK Telecom T1 at 4.50 odds
  • Funplus Phoenix at 5.25 odds
  • Invictus Gaming at 8.00 odds
  • Royal Never Give Up at 8.00 odds
  • DAMWON Gaming at 9.00 odds
  • Griffin Gaming at 9.00 odds
  • Fnatic at 15.00 odds
  • Liquid at 26.00 odds
  • Splyce at 34.00 odds
  • Cloud9 at 51.00 odds
  • J Team at 67.00 odds
  • Clutch Gaming at 151.00 odds
  • GAM Esports at 151.00 odds
  • Ahq e-Sports Club at 201.00 odds
  • Hong Kong Attitude at 201.00 odds

These odds are courtesy of Betway.

World Championship Main Event

This is where some of the most crucial matchups during the event will take place. Four teams secure their spots here after battling in through play-ins. Meanwhile, 12 teams confirmed their spots here following domestic success throughout the regular season. This is well and truly the best 16 teams in the world facing off in a cutthroat group stage format.

With each group having 4 teams and only 2 teams advancing to the playoffs, every minute of every game is a do or die scenario for each team. One small mistake could end your hopes and dreams in an instant. It’s important to note that all group stage matches are in a best of 1 format so a slow start could be fatal.

Things escalate and heat up once we hit the playoff stage. Here the matches switch to a best of 5 formats and there will only be eight teams remaining in the tournament. A big difference during playoffs compared to the group stage is the number of time teams will have to prepare against one another. So you can expect to see more tactical and high-level playstyles in these matches.

Don’t worry, there’s not an anti-climactic ending. The finale will be explosive this year with the two best teams facing off in the finals. The winner of the series will lift the 2019 League of Legends World Championship trophy and take home a huge chunk of the multi-million-dollar prize pool.

The Favourites

G2 Esports

You’re looking at the champions of Europe. Last year history was made when G2 faced off against Cloud9 in the semi-final. It was the first time ever that a European team faced a North American team this far into the tournament. G2 have had a successful 2019 season and will be hoping to end things on yet another high note but this time with another Championship.

SK Telecom T1

For as long as we can remember, Korean teams have been dominating League of Legends. SKT and their long-standing favourite player Faker will hope to turn things around this year. They didn’t qualify for the event at all this time last year. After a disappointing end to the 2018 season, they rebuilt with a mixture of new talent and veterans to rectify their previous failures.

FunPlus Phoenix

They are here hoping to once again have Chinese players lifting the trophy. In preparation for the 2019 season, the revamped their roster and a new Jungler and Mid-lane. They had success during the regular season but slipped up when it came to playoffs. They’ll be hoping to make it through to playoffs here and execute much better.


We all love a good underdog and there’s always the chance for an upset to happen in League of Legends.

Team Liquid

I know some North American fans might be mad I list them as an underdog, but Liquid are notorious for failing on the big stage (International Events). They have had endless success in regional leagues and playoffs since the NA LCS franchised but does that all matter if they can’t perform when needed the most. They’ll be hoping to turn the page on this poor International form this year.


Despite reaching the grand final last year, the departure of Caps has had a negative light shine on the roster throughout 2019. Despite rough starts, during the LEC they managed to finish things off relatively positive. This is an organisation that has had the taste of success many times before, now they’ll be hoping to scrape through their group of death and do some damage in playoffs.


We are all in for some fantastic League of Legends. The Main Event runs from 12th October to 10th November, basically a month filled with some of the greatest League of Legends action we will witness this year. Do your research, place your bets and enjoy this event to it’s fullest.


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