StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7 Betting Guide

StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7 Betting Guide

StarSeries & iLeague CSGO Season 7 Betting Guide

Event Overview

On March 30th teams will start battling it out in Shanghai for their share of the $500,000 prize pool. The StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7 event will run from March 30th to April 7th. Sixteen of the best teams in the world will be in attendance. Most of which were granted invites to the event, with a couple having to earn their spot through regional qualifiers.

StarSeries & iLeague CS:GO Season 7 Betting Sites

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Event Format

  • Group Stage: March 30th – April 4th, 2019
    • 16 Team Swiss System Format
    • All matches are Bo3
    • Top 8 Teams proceed to the Playoffs
    • Bottom 8 Teams are eliminated
  • Playoffs: April 5th – 7th, 2019
    • Single-Elimination Bracket
    • All matches (excl. the final) are Bo3
    • The Grand Final is Bo5

Prize Pool Breakdown

  • 1st = $250,000
  • 2nd = $80,000
  • 3rd-4th = $30,000
  • 5th-8th = $15,000
  • 9th-11th = $8,500
  • 12th-14th = $5,500
  • 15th-16th = $4,000

Teams in Attendance (How they got here)

BIG Invited
ENCE Invited
FaZe Clan Invited
Fnatic Invited
MiBR Invited
Natus Vincere Invited
Ninjas in Pyjamas Invited
North Invited
NRG Esports Invited
Renegades Invited
TYLOO Invited
ViCi Gaming Invited
Team Vitality Invited
Team Spirit European Qualifier
Panda Gaming Asian Qualifier
paiN Gaming GAMECON Open 2018

Event Favourites

Despite their recent performances, it’s painful that ENCE will most likely not make it as a favourite to most fans. I’d expect eyes will be on FaZe and NaVi as the favourites for the event. Both are long-standing rosters that have competed at the very top but haven’t seen the same success recently as they have in the past.

Personally, I’d place ENCE as my favourites to win this event. There was concern that they’d be a one event wonder following IEM Katowice. However, they backed up their true quality last weekend at Blast Pro Series.

They were 1 round away from making it to the grand final against Astralis. Liquid edged them out to the final based purely on round count difference. With neither Liquid or Astralis in attendance here, ENCE has their opportunity to shine.

Teams to keep an eye on

Following the disaster MiBR had in Sao Paulo during Blast Pro Series, there will be huge question marks hanging over them. They went 0-5 while playing on home soil. If the 0-5 wasn’t bad enough, they didn’t look overly competitive in any of the matches. Have the Brazilians lost their edge together, or just having a blip in performance?

Fnatic are another team that many will be hoping to make a deep run in this tournament. They had an early exit at Katowice and then went on to be upset in the WESG Grand Finals a couple of weeks ago. While the roster is still developing, this is a prime opportunity to show their worth and battle for a potential grand final appearance.

Event Underdogs

Expect Renegades to cause some upsets during the group stage, and potentially in the bracket play. Alongside ENCE, they became the masters of upsets and comebacks at IEM Katowice. We can expect them to build on this momentum and really push to cement themselves amongst the top teams in CS:GO right now.


With it being a Swiss format, we won’t know the Round 2 matchups until the opening games finish. Below you can find each Round 1 matchup:

  • North vs NRG at 03:00 GMT +1,
  • ENCE vs Spirit at 03:00 GMT +1,
  • FaZe vs paiN at 06:00 GMT +1,
  • TYLOO vs Renegades at 06:00 GMT +1,
  • Fnatic vs NiP at 09:00 GMT +1,
  • MiBR vs Panda at 09:00 GMT +1,
  • BIG vs Vitality at 12:00 GMT +1,
  • Natus Vincere at 12:00 GMT +1

Outright Winner Odds

Here are the odds on the top four most favorable teams to win the event, courtesy of Betway:

Natus Vincere at 3.75 odds,

ENCE at 4.00 odds,

MiBR at 7.00 odds,

FaZe at 9.00 odds

I’d recommend placing an outright winner bet on either Natus Vincere (NaVi) or ENCE. As they are realistically the two best performing teams heading into the event.

Alternative Bets

I will go into more depth regarding this in my match predictions. There are a few alternative bets you can consider if the outright odds aren’t looking overly great.

Map handicaps are a great alternative, and typically become an easy way to boost your odds on what is deemed as an easy bet. Round handicaps for specific maps also work quite well. I’d advise following the veto processes to help towards this. It will help to identify which maps specific teams perform better on.


I think we are in for another treat this upcoming week. 2019 has been brilliant for CS:GO events so far. With multiple big upsets and intense games doing down to the wire. With Astralis and Liquid not being in attendance, we will see another team lifting the trophy for the first time in a while.

It will be exciting to watch the teams battling it out for this opportunity. Keep an eye out for our match predictions that will be posted during the event. They will help with placing the right type of bet and getting the best odds.


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