Fortnite Betting

fortnite bettingFortnite Battle Royale is an exciting new online game found on the Twitch platform. Similar in vein to PUBG, it has slowly gathered a following of passionate players. The game is free to play and was only released in the latter half of 2017 by Epic Games after the release of their original Fortnite game. Compatible with a wide range of devices including Windows, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox, the game can have up to a hundred players all joining in to play, all of whom can cross-platform to play against one another.

With Fortnite: Battle Royale’s rise to popularity the demand for betting opportunities have also risen, and it is these that we shall focus on throughout the rest of the article. Find out how to bet on Fortnite by reading our guide!

Fortnite Betting Sites

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 €30 FREE Bet Review Play
2 £40 + £10 Risk-free bet Review Play
3 100% bonus up to €200 (code: EB200) Review Play
4 100% up to €100 Review Play
5 Bet €10 get €30 in free bets Review Play

What makes A good Fortnite betting site?

In order to make the betting experience the best one for our customers, we only list the best of the betting sites, ensuring that they all have good reputations and adhere to a number of different features that we deem to be the most important.

fortnite list 1When it comes to betting on an esport, it is very important to take into account the betting market. The wider the set of options that a player can actually choose to bet on will rank a site higher on our list. Simple bets are great, but a variety is even better. In addition, we ensure that the sites we choose offer the most competitive odds, meaning that players can get the best value for their money.

fortnite list 2Players should also look at the bonus offers that an esports betting site offers. Some sites will offer smaller options than others. We list sites that offer a range of options, including match deposit bonuses and free bet options. These can go a long way in helping the player understand the site and experience the way the gambling works without having to risk so much from their own bankroll.

fortnite list 3Security and protection are probably the highest ranked factors that we use when ranking Fortnite betting sites. We always ensure that any sites we promote have a full license with any of the main gambling jurisdictions, such as the UK, Malta or Curacao. Having a license means that the site will adhere to a number of different security protocols, including client data protection, fair gaming and secure payment options.

fortnite list 4User experience is also very important to us, and with this in mind, we make sure that we select sites that offer an easy to use interface with straightforward and intuitive access to all areas of the site. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find what you’re looking for to put a dampener of a day of entertainment.

fortnite list 5Lastly, we rate the customer service offered by the site. We like to choose sites that offer a range of contact options but particularly those with a live chat function, as this offers players the chance to get instant responses. Sites that offer slower or rather less helpful support with awkward operating hours will be lower ranked.

Fortnite betting tips

As with any gambling activity, it is very important that players know the game inside and out when betting on Fortnite Battle Royale games. This means that not only do they need to understand the rules of play but they also need to know the teams and the different players who are participating. This is particularly important during the gambling phase as the majority of bets at this time are on which team or play will win and the outcome depends on the different skillsets offered. Punters can find out more about these areas simply by heading over to social media sites where a lot of the teams, players and events have pages dedicated to their activities. In some cases, the betting site will also offer a number of blog posts or news articles that outline the current positions, actions and events that are going on in the Fortnite world.

When it comes to actually placing bets, newcomers to the scene would be advised to make simple bets in the form of which team or player is going to win. These are offered on all betting sites and provide the safest option. Once players get more proficient and knowledgeable in the area, they can get more creative with their betting and choose different options, such as which team will reach a specific goal first, who will win the tournament and many more.

Find the best Fortnite odds

Part of the job here at is to make the punter’s life that little bit easier, providing up to date information on all things to do with Fortnite. Part of this involves us finding the best odds. Though Fortnite is only relatively new to the esports world, through its immense media coverage and huge fan base it has made this transition rather swiftly, however, a number of the larger betting sites still do not offer odds. With this in mind, we have scoured the internet to find the most competitive odds for this game.

GG.Bet offers one of the best sites of this kind, as it has almost every esport you can imagine. It offers a range of competitive odds, varying betting options and the chance to live stream the games whilst placing bets.

Bonus offers and free bets

fortnite betting bonusMany players may not use bonus offers but, in fact, they would be missing out. Free bets and promotions help players to get on their feet when they first enter this world. There are a number of sites that offer excellent options in this area but two of the standouts are and Betway. offers a great welcome bonus to new players in the form of two risk-free bets. Each of these bets must be valued at 13.37 euro and can be used on any esport bet the player chooses. What’s even better about this is that there is no risk involved for if the player loses, they will simply be refunded the original bet amount directly into their account.

Betway offers an even greater range of promotions, some of which continue on long after the welcome offer. The welcome offer is, of course, the most lucrative and offers players the chance to take part in a match deposit bonus. All they need to do is make an initial deposit of anywhere between 10.00 and 30.00 and this will be matched by Betway 100%, giving that little bit extra to play with. Other promotions change as the different tournaments are in session, such as a free bet with money back on any losing bet made on that specific tournament. Finally, there are weekly objectives in place. If players manage to reach these objectives they are looking at receiving 20.00 in free bets.

All of these options help to make it much more entertaining and potentially lucrative for all players, particularly for those who choose to stick around. It is essential to note though, that any bonuses will always come with a set of terms and conditions in the form of a wagering requirement, so it is important to make note of these before launching right into play.

How do I play Fortnite Battle Royale?

fortnite battle royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is a multi-player game designed to allow up to 100 players at any one time. There is one consistent map in place that has a number of items, such as weapons, shield and other resources scattered throughout. The aim of the game is for one player or team to kill off all other players and be the only surviving member or team left on the map by the time the game is over. Players must, therefore, do their utmost to avoid getting killed whilst attempting to take out all other players.

There is a safe zone area where players cannot be attacked but it is also outside of this area that the resources and weapons can be found. Throughout the game the safe zone will get smaller, meaning that players will be forced into meeting other players and having interactions.

One of the distinguishing features of this game in comparison to other large battlefield games is that it operates on a building system. This means that almost all the surroundings can actually be dismantled and made into materials such as stone and metal. Players can then utilise these items to create fortifications. Best of all, unlike many games of this ilk, the action usually starts from the get-go, making this one of the more entertaining and fast-paced games out there.


fortnite summaryBetting on Fortnite Battle Royale is an entertaining and potentially lucrative pastime. If players select a good site on which to watch Fortnite matches and place wagers on them, then they should have no trouble enjoying themselves. Punters should select sites that offer good security, a selection of bonuses, competitive odds and one that provides live streams of the games. So, what are you all waiting for? Get out there and start playing.