League of Legends Betting Sites

league of legends betting sitesThis article outlines the best places and ways to make bets on League of Legends, or LoL as it is commonly known. This covers a wide range of different topics and will include such things as the best and most secure League of legends sites that are available this year, betting advice, odds, LoL bet predictions and bonus offers available. We will also outline the various different payment methods that are on offer at these LoL sites, including real money and skin betting, as well as detailed overall reviews in an attempt to help players choose the best site for them.

Best League of Legends Betting Sites 2019

Sportsbook Bonus Review Play
1 €30 FREE Bet Review Play
2 100% bonus up to €200 (code: EB200) Review Play
3 100% up to €100 Review Play
4 100% bonus up to €50 Review Play
5 Check bonus info Review Play
6 3 deposit bonuses Review Play
7 100% BONUS UP TO €75 Review Play
8 5% deposit bonus Review Play
9 Awesome odds Review Play
10 Plenty of eSports & great odds! Review Play
11 Risk free bet Review Play

At the time of writing, these sites are the best of the League of Legends betting sites on the web. These sites were selected based on a number of very specific and important criteria. Firstly, these sites are all licensed and registered within specific jurisdictions. This means that they will have a responsibility to provide good player experiences and, as they are monitored by external companies, will be unable to scam unsuspecting newcomers. In addition to this, they also offer secure and efficient payment options to their players, with a wide variety of options that enable players to choose their preferred payment method.

These sites also offer a comprehensive gaming selection covering, not just League of Legends matches, but also up to fourteen other esports games, all with a number of different markets available. In addition, the sites all offer an excellent range of bonus and promotional offers, particularly aimed at those players who are newly signing up.

Here’s how we rate a good League of Legends betting website

website ratingWhen it comes to rating a good League of Legends betting sportsbooks, we always take into account the aforementioned features. A lot of care and time is taken when compiling these lists in order to ensure that we truly are offering the very best options to players. Taking the issue of security, for example, we only list those sites that take all the necessary precautions to prevent client data from being stolen.

This usually involves having an SSL encryption protocol protecting the site. In addition, the sites should be licensed as this proves that they have to follow specific regulations regarding gaming fairness as well as the necessary security issues. Along this line, we also make sure to check out the payment options that are provided and will only list those sites that use well-known, reliable payment vendors, whatever type they might be. We also rate sites on their ease of use, something never to be underestimated.

Final areas to rate include the games on offer and the coverage that is available, the amount of tournaments that the site covers and whether they offer live stream feeds as games progress. A bonus in this area is if the site offers news or blog posts on the latest goings on in the esports world. Speaking of bonuses, the promotions and offers available to new players is a last, yet key element to pushing a betting site from good, to great.

New League of Legends betting sites

new league of legends betting sitesEach year there are new LoL betting sites surfacing as the demand increases. Here at Esportsbets24.com, we review these sites ensuring that players have access to the latest up-to-date information. We do this because many new players don’t know what to look for in a betting site. Many new sites are, of course, perfectly good and offer an excellent range of gaming options and features.

However there are those that are less secure and potentially lean towards the scam scale of things, and it is these sites that we strive to help players avoid. With this end in mind, we outline all the pertinent facts about the sites in order to ensure that players are using nothing but the best sites and therefore enjoying a pleasant and fun betting experience.

LoL betting advice and tips

lol betting adviceFor esports betting, League of Legends, in particular, it is important to understand the ins and outs. When it comes to actually placing bets on LoL matches, there are a number of aspects that players ought to keep in mind so that they may make the best of it. In this vein, it is important to always have a set bankroll and for players not to go over this. Money should be managed correctly and when the bankroll is finished, that should be the end of the gameplay.

In order to maximize winning potential or indeed, chances, players can sign up to or at least check a number of different betting sites to find out which ones offer the best odds. Odds will vary from site to site, so make sure to pick the most competitive ones in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

However, players can only know what good bets are for a specific game if they do their research and have knowledge in the area as a whole. This means that players should study the various teams and the players to see how they play, what is their record against an opposing team, what are their strengths and weaknesses etc. This knowledge will help players to make rational decisions and potentially, rather than losing it all on the underdog, players will be able to make prudent bets and make some wins.

Odds explanation

League of Legends odds are rather varied and have a relatively wide market available. The most commonly made bet is a simple one of which team will win the match, though some players will take this further to make wagers on the outcome and winner of an entire tournament or league. Odds in this instance will simply reflect the perceived skill level of each team, with a lower skilled team having higher odds but a reduced chance of winning.

The game is played on a single map, which means that bets on which map will be played are non-existent unlike in other esports games such as CSGO. Players can bet that a team will not fail or lose a single map encounter in a tournament, which is usually a best of three scenarios. Players can also participate in handicap betting, or which team or even player will make the most kills within a game.

How do I find League Of Legends free bets?

bonus offerLeague of Legends betting sites are all free to join for players. And if players are lucky, the element of free gameplay does not stop there. Many bookmaker sites will offer free bets as a way to entice new players to their site.

These free bets can be claimed upon creating a new account and used to bet on anything, though there are usually wagering requirements that are attached which must be adhered to. Other bonuses on offer are the match deposit bonuses.

Betway, for example, leads the way in this area by offering players a very lucrative match deposit bonus. These bonuses are usually set at 100% of what the player initially deposits thus doubling their bankroll ready for play on any esports wagers. As with the free bets though, there are a number of wagering requirements that must be followed if the player wishes to withdraw any bonus bet winnings.

Payment methods

payment optionsThere are numerous different payment options that can be utilised when placing bets on League of Legends games. The full range of options that are available will depend on the site that the player is using. The usual available methods include a wide range of options from various eWallets through to card payments such as VISA and MasterCard, culminating in bank transfers. In recent times, however, bookmakers have added other payment options in order to keep up with player demand.

Many sites will now offer wagers to be made in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, though this option is not consistently offered everywhere. The final option and one that is exclusive to the esports world is that of skin pay. Skins are the items that can be collected when playing LoL and indeed any of the other esports games. Players can then exchange these skins with the betting site in exchange for making bets. The rarity of the skin being offered will determine its value.

About League of Legends

Released in 2008, LoL is now one of the biggest online games in the world. The game itself is a fast-paced online game that combines real-time gameplay and strategies alongside role-playing aspects. It was, in part, based on the Warcraft III model and also Defense of the Ancients. Once it got the go-ahead, it was well marketed and now sees immense popularity around the world; it’s considered one of the main three esports games of modern times.

LoL gameplay

As with many of the other esports games, LoL operates in a five-player, two-team format. The two teams sit on opposite sides of the map at a point called the Spawning Pool near to an area named the Nexus. To win a match the Nexus of the opposing team must get destroyed. In order to destroy the Nexus, the teams must traverse through a number of turrets that lie in the path to the Nexus. As they go, players are required to kill characters that belong to the opposing team whilst also defeating monsters that attack both teams.

lol in game screen

As players manage to complete specific aspects of the game, they will earn gold, which can then be used to buy items, upgrades and weapons to enhance their character in further rounds and matches.

How do I get better at the game?

Practice is one of the main ways that a player can hope to improve when playing LoL. This can involve playing simulated games or simply spending hours with friends honing one’s skills and sparring against one another. There are strategies that can be applied to gameplay but the success of these will depend on the team that they are playing against.

Bonus offers and free bets

As has been previously mentioned, most betting sites will offer players a number of different bonus offers that can include free bets or match deposit bonuses. The requirements and specificities of these promotions will vary between betting sites, but all of them do offer an easy way into the gaming world for the player.

League of Legends: tournament and leagues

Riot Games, the creator and distributor of LoL, has put huge investments into the game and the result of this is a number of championships and tournaments held around the world. The Championship Series is the first of these and offers teams massive prizes alongside actual professional salaries.

Viewers can also be assured of some of the best LoL action simply because of the quality of the players that this tournament attracts. Other notable tournaments include the World Championship, the Pro League and the Master Series. Depending on the site, there will be different tournaments covered, with some in-depth sites even covering tournaments such as the OGN Champions and NiceGameTV, though these are rather smaller in comparison.

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June 09Aug 072016 LMS Summer Split
June 08Jul 072016 NACS Summer Split
Jun 07Jul 062016 EUCS Summer Split
Jun 03Jul 312016 NA LCS Summer Split
Jun 02Jul 292016 EU LCS Summer Split
May 30Jul 192016 LAN Closing Cup
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bell last wordsBetting on League of Legends games and tournaments can be very rewarding if executed in a safe and responsible manner. First and foremost, it is important for players to use a reputable website for their betting needs. If they make sure to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments in the esports world and ensure that they are keeping abreast of teams, players and any changes that might occur, there is a high chance that they will see success.

However, too much success or lack thereof can also cause issues, so it is prudent for players to maintain a strict eye on their bankroll and not exceed what they can afford when playing. Failure to follow this rule can result in a once fun pastime, slowly slipping into something undesirable. Remain responsible at all times, head out, choose a bookmaker site and get playing.