LCS Summer Playoffs

LCS Summer Playoffs

LCS Summer Playoffs Betting

This Saturday the EU and NA LCS Summer playoffs begin each featuring the regions 4 best teams. The playoffs take place in Stockholm and New York and teams will be fighting for a chance to qualify for the upcoming world tournament. The playoffs start 15th August and ends on the 23rd.

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Teams in EU playoffs


Currently undefeated in the summer split with an impressive 18-0 record they are the favorites to win this split by far.


Made up by former Fnatic players and new talent this team is a fan favorite. They are the 2nd best team in the Europe right now with Fnatic beating them in every encounter so far.

Unicorns of Love

Having finished 2nd in the spring split and losing 2-3 to Fnatic they have had a somewhat disappointing run this split after barely qualifying for the semifinals.


Formerly known as Cloud 9 Eclipse this team had an impressive run in the spring split where they finished 3rd. They recently added a new player and defeated Giants Gaming 3-0 in the quarter finals earlier this month.

Teams in NA playoffs

Team Solomid

The most well-known League of Legend team and that’s no surprise since they have won the last 3 NA splits. This split they have looked very weak though and almost didn’t qualify for the playoffs. They have to face Team Liquid who are looking very strong.

Team Liquid

Formerly known as Curse, this team is the favorite to win the NA split. TL has several known players such as former SKT1 and worlds champion Piglet and former TSM player Xpecial. The gap between the number one and second team in NA isn’t as massive as in the EU so it’s possible that TL doesn’t win.

Team Impulse

A team made up mostly of chinese and korean players. They have had a fairly weak split and recently replaced their mid and support player.

Counter Logic Gaming

CLG are known for disappointing playoffs but after some big roster changes they may have fixed their issue. With other teams looking much weaker than previous splits it is very likely that we will see them in the finals.

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