LCS Summer Split 2017 Week 1-5 Recap

LCS Summer Split 2017 Week 1-5 Recap

week 5 lcs summer split 2017

The 5th week of the LCS Summer Split just came to a close, and we have some very unexpected results in both EU and NA. We’ve outlined the most important happenings of the summer split so that you can keep up to date even if you’ve missed some of the matches.

Europe gave us two new teams for the summer split: Ninjas in Pyjamas and Mysterious Monkeys. Unfortunately, they both crashed and burned with NiP having a 0-7 score and MM sitting on a 1-6 score with the win being against NiP. With five weeks to go these two teams will have to step their game up significantly if they want to remain in the LCS.

On the upside, Fnatic has made a resurgence and are back to their old form and currently sit on the top of the league. Having tried to fill the massive hole left by Huni and Reignover, they finally found a worthy replacement with Caps, Broxah, Soaz and Jesiz.

Fnatic has several contenders that are dangerously close to knocking them off the first place spot. H2k, Misfits, and Unicorns of Love are a few points away from claiming their spot. You may be surprised to see that we did not mention G2 Esports among the contenders. G2 currently has three wins and three losses which are unusual for a team that has dominated previous splits.

In North America, things are looking slightly more familiar with the expected top teams being neck-to-neck with each other. Sadly a few of the last split’s favorite teams have shown abysmal performance. Nonetheless, this NA Summer Split is one of the most exciting yet, and we’ll tell you why.

Counter Logic Gaming, Team Solomid, Immortals, and Cloud9. These four classic NA LCS teams are all fighting for the top spot with CLG currently being the victors. With five weeks to go there’s no telling which one of these teams will take the top spot. We haven’t seen such a competitive battle among the top teams in the NA split for quite some time.

On the other end of the leaderboard, we have three unexpected teams: Echo Fox, Phoenix1 and FlyQuest. These are three teams that performed above expectations last split and were favorites among the bettors due to their many upsets. They still have five weeks to turn things around and a few points between them. A playoff spot is still possible if they can figure out how to win.

Best teams to bet on for LCS Summer Split 2017

For EU we strongly recommend sticking to the favorites like Fnatic, Misfits, H2k-Gaming, and Unicorns of Love. Splyce is another team that has shown the potential to beat the other big contenders. If any of the top teams are meeting each other, we will favor Fnatic and Unicorns of Love in the most situation currently.

It’s a similar story for NA, but we do have one team here that has the potential to pay out a lot of money: Team Dignitas. They have beaten both Echo Fox and TSM with the latter resulting in massive payouts. Team EnvyUS struggles against the top teams, but have taken down teams like Immortals and Flyquest with relative ease.

Then there are the top teams, and if we had to go with one, it would have to be Team Solomid. They are at a shared 2nd place right now, but we firmly believe they will pick themselves up and come back hard. Make sure you bet on them before their odds go back to their usual low.

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EU rankings for week 5

Group A
Fnatic 6-1
Misfits 4-2
G2 Esports 3-3
Ninjas in Pyjamas 0-7

Group B
H2k-Gaming 5-2
Unicorns of Love
Mysterious Monkeys

NA rankings for week 5

Counter Logic Gaming 8-2
Team SoloMid 7-3
Immortals 7-3
Cloud9 6-4
Team Dignitas 5-5
Team EnvyUs 5-5
Echo Fox 4-6
Phoenix1 3-7
FlyQuest eSports 3-7
Team Liquid 2-8


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