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Mousesports is a German team that was established in 2002. Also known as Mouz, they are particularly well known for their exceptional CS:GO team that has earned the organisation as a whole, a wide number of accolades. Their success has been primarily achieved from a number of excellent strategies employed within their gameplay. Since the success of the CS:GO team, Mouz has got teams in a number of other esports games, including Street Fighter, Dota 2 and Vainglory.

There were also teams in Warcraft 3 and Quake 4 but these have since been disbanded, retaining the focus on the other teams. They have removed their teams from a number of other sports, one of which being Defense of the Ancients even though they had a large amount of success in that game. It should be noted that Mouz was one of the founding teams for the G7 teams, giving them a rather prestigious role in the esports world.

CS:GO Team

The CS:GO squad was created in 2012 and has achieved success in a number of top tournaments since that time. Their prize winnings have ranged from $12,000 through to a very sizeable $120,000, with a total of a cool $1 million in earnings. This is due to successes in world-class tournaments such as Eleague Season 2, LGL Krakow, DreamHack Masters Malmo and various IEM tournaments around the world. Even when they haven’t won, they have earned themselves spots in the top three – their latest success being the ESL Pro League season with a third-place finish. At this time, the current roster for the team is chrisJ, ropz, okar, Styko and suNny.

Mouz is also home to one of the biggest esports tragedies in recent times. One of their longstanding players, cyx, a member of the CS:GO team since 2007, died in a car accident when he missed a flight to China. cyx was on his way to compete with his team there, when the tyre burst on the car causing the accident. For a period of time after his passing, Mouz announced that the rest of the CS:GO current team would be retiring directly after the ESL Pro series.

Entering Rainbox Six Scene

In 2012, they removed themselves from theCounter-Strikee section completely; stating that they felt there was not a wide enough market in that area. However, later in the year, Mouz created a new roster for CS:GO instead. Since this time, the organisation has continued to improve and change its teams to keep up with the times, with a new Dota 2 team forming in 2017 only to be disbanded later on in the year. At this time, they now have a team playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege instead.

Mouz experienced a drop in wins at the beginning of the 2017 season; however, the end of the year saw them pick up the pace once again. 2018 has already seen them gain two wins in the V4 Future Sports Festival and the StarLadder StarSeries, proving that they are still a force to be reckoned with.