NBA2K Betting

nba2k betting sitesNBA2K is a basketball game that has been released every single year since 1999. The game is a simulation video game that emulates the sport, and with each reincarnation offers players a more improved version. Originally from Sega, the game is now produced by 2K Sports and offers a total of eighteen different small games and is available on a number of different platforms. In recent years, its success has seen it transfer to the esports platform. It is this area of the game that we will discuss in full throughout the article.

Best NBA2K Betting Sites

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There are a number of top esports betting sites that offer NBA2K betting and here we have outlined the best of them. Each of these sites offers a number of different betting options that include the way that the odds are set out and the range of games provided. They all offer the best in security measures as well as a great page setup that allows players to easily navigate their way through the site.

What to look for in an NBA2K betting website

There are numerous factors which come into play when looking for a good NBA2K betting website.

nba2k listFirst, of course, it is important to check out the security measures that are offered by the site. One of the main things to check is whether the page is licensed. This is very important as it ensures that the betting site has to follow a series of rules and requirements in order to function properly and this gives players a certain amount of security. In addition to this, sites must offer security throughout in terms of protecting any of the private data that players give to the casino concerning payments and banking details. These security encryptions prevent third parties from getting access to this information.

nba2k list 1The look and setup of the site are also important. Many pages may look great, with stunning graphics and more, but they can be rather overloaded which can be off-putting to many players. Either that or they are hard to navigate and players can’t find what they’re looking for. Clear interfaces offer the best options, allowing players to easily locate all the features they need.

nba2k list 2A wide variety of payment options are also important to have as players will always have a preference for the type that they prefer. Depending on the options that are available, the level of security will differ, with players preferring various options. A good site will feature a wide range of paying options, including bank transfers, card payments, eWallets and even some newer options such as Bitcoin. This larger set of options will only serve to work in the betting site’s favour as it will allow more players to participate.

nba2k list 3Players should also check out the bonus offers that are available. Different sites will award different things, but it is a good idea to check out those that offer a welcome bonus either in the form of a free bet or as part of a match deposit bonus.

nba2k list 5Lastly, there are the different betting and odds options. A good site will offer the odds at a competitive rate but also provide them in a number of different formats such as decimal and fractional in order for as many people around the world to understand them. Having a good range of betting options will also improve the quality of the site, as many gamblers prefer to be able to have a set of options as to what to bet on.

The best NBA2K betting sites will combine all these features into one all-encompassing site, thus standing out from the crowd and drawing in interested players who will potentially stay for the long haul. If these sites also provide live streaming of the games and additional blogs and news information surrounding it, then they are onto a winner.

Odds Explanation and Examples

With this esport being so new, the realm of odds and betting has not become fully fledged. Currently, all the odds simply depict which of the teams is more likely to win, with the more promising team having a lower set of odds compared to the team deemed to be the underdog.

Understanding How to Bet on NBA2K

The first thing to know before jumping into betting on NBA2K, are the ins and outs of the game itself and how it works. However, it is also important to know the betting markets as well. This is a brand new esport so betting markets have only recently opened with betting options not that varied at this time and generally just consisting of a simple predicting the winner setup.

How Is NBA2K Played?

nba2k18 in game screenshot

Each yearly NBA2K game is designed to copy the National Basketball Association setup and with each release strives to improve upon the one offered before. This means that the gameplay simulates the standard gameplay of a basketball game, and each player can control a whole team or just a single player. The objectives of the game are the same as real basketball and follow the rules closely. In fact, the whole set up is so similar that the presentation even looks the same as the way the games are presented on TV during matches. To add to this, there are different game modes that have been added to ensure that variety is possible and there are a number of different settings that can be customized. With each game release, the players and teams are updated so they match those of the current era, however, fictional teams can also be created and played with as well.

Game Modes

There are a number of different game modes available, the first of which is Career Mode. This allows players to create a character or player and then the game follows their progression through their career, allowing the player to customize parts of the game and their character in order to wind their way through the NBA. Another mode is a part of the game that enables players to take over the NBA franchise, essentially taking the role of manager.

The My Team mode is a more recent addition and is focused on creating a team of players with which to compete against opposing teams online. The teams are created by using card packs, which are purchased throughout the game and include different players. The gamer has complete control over a number of different aspects of the team, including how the jerseys look, the court and much more.

NBA2K League

Though the game has been played for many years, it wasn’t until 2017 that the NBA2K League was created. This finally enabled the sport to go even bigger and become a recognized esport. The first competition of its kind occurred in 2018 and is, in fact, the first esports league that is run by an American sports league. The league is structured in a similar fashion to the NBA and features 17 different teams. They will each participate in 5v 5 gameplay using fabricated characters rather than those from real life. The league runs for 17 weeks, starting on the 1st May and continuing through to the end of August. Each of the teams plays one game each week, with 14 games of four six-minute quarters.