Blast Pro Series Global Season

Blast Pro Series 2019 Global Season

It has been confirmed that Blast Pro Series will now hold a global season format. This was announced by RFRSH Entertainment, the owners of Blast Pro Series.

Global Season

The new format increases the number of live tournaments that take place. These live tournaments ultimately lead up to a global final that will take place in December. This global season will feature 7 of the best teams in the world, competing at 7 international venues.

The second tournament of the year has just come to an end, Blast Pro Series Miami. This global season format will consist of a point system for each event throughout the season. A global leader board will be in place with the 4 highest scoring team facing off in the semi-final and grand final at the final global event in December.

The Global Final will crown the 2019 Blast Pro Series Season Champion. The winning team will take home the trophy and $350,000. The total prize pool for Blast Pro Series 2019 season is 2.25 million dollars.

Format and Qualifiers

Seven teams have been invited into the 2019 season:

  • Astralis
  • Natus Vincere
  • Cloud9
  • Liquid
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • MiBR
  • FaZe

These teams will each play in 5 Blast Pro Series tournaments across the 2019 season. This leaves room for qualifiers teams and wild cards to attend the events. The teams will be competing for points at each tournament, however wild card teams will not be able to collect points. Below is a breakdown of how the points system is awarded at each event.

1st = 10 points,

2nd = 8 points,

3rd = 6 points,

4th = 4 points,

5th = 2 points,

6th = 0 points

The upcoming events will take place in Madrid on 10th-11th May and Los Angeles on 12th-13th July. We are still awaiting details on the final 3 events; however, we do know that they are set to take place in September, October and November. Then the Season Final will take place in December. The current Blast Pro Series 2019 Season Standings can be seen below.

Blast Pro Series 2019 Global Season Standings after Miami

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Matt Dixon
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