Blast Pro Series Miami Recap

Blast Pro Series Miami 2019 Recap

This past weekend six of the best CS:GO teams in the world met up in Miami to battle it out for their share of $250,000.

Friday Recap – Day 1

On Friday everything seemed like business as usual. Astralis and Liquid both finished the day with 2-0 records as expected. MiBR appeared to still be struggling but managed to pull off a tie with FaZe. NaVi weren’t overly convincing, they won their opening game against MiBR but got picked apart by Astralis.

Saturday Recap – Day 2

The Round 3 matchups to kick off the second and final day of action in Miami is when the tide started to change. MiBR pulled off a 16-2 win over Astralis and no one had seen it coming. This seemed to knock Astralis as they proceeded to lose their final two matches and finished with a 2-3 record.

NaVi weren’t having any joys either. Following their success at StarSeries the week prior, it was expected they could come into this event and challenge Liquid for a spot in the grand final to face off against Astralis. However, heading into the final round of group matches they had a 1-3 record and had no chance of making it through groups.

FaZe weren’t expected to make the grand final, but everyone knew they’d be able to pick up a couple of wins. Their 3-1-1 record turned out to be good enough to lock themselves into 2nd place. Their only loss came against Liquid in the opening match. Liquid went unbeaten through groups and seemed in prime position to win the event.

Grand Final

If someone told you the final at this event would be Liquid vs FaZe, you wouldn’t have believed them. After Liquid’s dominant performance over FaZe in groups, many still expected Liquid to win the series with ease.

The veto process went in favour of FaZe, with the maps being Mirage, Dust II and Overpass in that order. FaZe came out firing on all cylinders in the final, making quick work of Liquid on Mirage with a 16-6 win.

The second map was a bit tighter but FaZe still came out on top with a 16-12 victory. This crowned FaZe as Blast Pro Series Miami Champions. This victory is something the roster had been chasing for quite some time now.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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