Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo Recap

Astralis win Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo 2019

This weekend the Sao Paulo Blast Pro Series event took place, featuring 6 of the best CS:GO teams from across the world. Astralis went unbeaten in the group stage with a 5-0 record and pulled off the reverse sweep in the grand final.

How Group Stage unfolded

The group stage lived up to the expectations. We witnessed a flop from MiBR, finishing with a 0-5 record in front of their home crowd. On the flip side Astralis pulled off a 5-0 record, but many of their games were incredibly close.

This led to speculation that Astralis were starting to lose their edge. With their most significant victory being 16-10 over MiBR. They had a 16-14 win over ENCE and a 16-13 win over both FaZe and Liquid. I think it’s a positive thing for the Counterstrike community that teams are now pushing them in these big games.

Going into the last round, Astralis was confirmed to be in the grand final. ENCE and Liquid were both tied heading into the last set of games. What made this even better was that they played each other in the final group game. Meaning the winner went through to the final.

This game was one of, if not the most thrilling map at the event. It went down to the wire, with each team exchanging rounds and lead changes. There was no Overtime in place at this event, however, which added an exciting factor into this game.

Since Liquid had such a good round difference, they only actually needed a 15-15 tie to advance to the grand final. ENCE, however, required the win and found themselves with a 15-14 lead but Liquid clutched up and secured their spot in the grand final. Here is what the standings looked like after groups finished:

Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo Group Standings 2019

Grand Final

It started so well for Liquid. Liquid took Dust II 16-13 after a back and forth game. They won the final six rounds in a row to secure to win. The series then moved onto Inferno which was essentially given to Astralis before the match started. Astralis followed through with the expectations and won 16-8.

This was the momentum swing they required after going behind in the series. They went into the last map, Overpass, and put on a stellar performance. They dominated Liquid in a 16-2 victory and were crowned Blast Pro Series Sao Paulo Champions. Congratulations to Astralis and yet another event victory.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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