compLexity Partners with WinStar Casino


As of November 13th , eSports corporation compLexity has formed a partnership with WinStar Casino.

CompLexity, who were founded in 2003 and are one of the largest eSports organizations in America, have announced that WinStar Casino and Resort will be their official partner, a first in eSports.

The partnership was also announced by WinStar on their official Twitter.

Jerry Jones, who is the owner of compLexity, also owns the Dallas Cowboys. The sports team is also in partnership with WinStar and as a result, players and staff of compLexity will have access to a range of facilities available at the WinStar Casino when needed, including the hotel, golf course and casino.

Despite the drop in eSports skin betting, the market for eSports betting is still rising and this collaboration indicates that mainstream media is starting to accept eSports and investing in it as well.

With this, there may be a new era for eSports betting and as a result, more and more players will be betting on games instead of on sporting events.

WinStar also hosts an online platform for its games and will most likely take the opportunity to branch out into eSports gambling as well, so remember to keep an eye out for their odds-on matches, tournaments and other eSports related bets.

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Ross Greenall
Ross Greenall