Confirmation of inaugural UK League of Legends Split


It’s fair to say that the UK league of legends community had been slowly dying until LVP (League of Videogames Professionals) stepped in to help earlier this year. They did this by working alongside Riot Games to create the Forge of Champions; a tournament format created purely with the UK scene in mind to help establish teams and develop players.

Following the success that Forge of Champions has had, one of the organisations even got accepted into the new LEC that is replacing the EU LCS, Riot Games, and LVP will embark on a new journey to launch the first ever UK League of Legends Split. They aim for this to follow a similar format to that of the other professional leagues’ Riot operates but are accommodating to the nature of the UK scene.

Organisations have to send through applications stating their interest in participating in the tournament; however, there is a deadline of the 23rd of November for these applications. To apply and be accepted there are some high standards that are being set, some of which are unfortunately not allowed to be disclosed yet.

However, we do know that every organisation is required to be a registered UK company or branch and the brand that these organisations use during the competition must be a trademark of the company. There is speculation that every organisation needs to set up contracts for every player and staff member, this will be a tall ask for some of those applying, but it will undoubtedly ensure everything runs smoothly and will help organisations understand what they need to do to advance further in this ever-evolving industry.

The lead up to the deadline for the applications has already sparked some debate amongst UK managers regarding how organisations should be approaching the situation, with some focusing on securing a roster now (which isn’t mandatory) and others putting 100% towards perfecting the application process.

What we know for sure that there will be a lot of familiar organisations making a reappearance in this inaugural season.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
Matt has been involved in Esports for the better part of 5 years now, more commonly known by those in the scene as Fozzii. In the past, he has competed at a high level in Esports and also managed teams and organisations, some of which went on to win a Championship. Esports is his passion and it's fair to say he's a fanatic.