CS Summit 4 Recap

CS Summit 4 Recap 2019

Despite being a smaller event in the season’s schedule, there was still $150,000 on the line and a momentum swing heading into DreamHack Masters Dallas this week!


With it being a six-team invitational event right before a major championship, many seen CS Summit 4 as a chance to pre LAN and practice for Dallas. This was paired alongside the casual atmosphere of the venue and the open conversations with casters.

Coming into the event everyone’s clear favourites were Liquid. With some eyes falling the way of ENCE. However, the entire event ended up being an upset.

Group Stage

With it being a double round robin group stage, teams were playing best of 2 series. This meant that games were able to finish as ties. This opened a true battle for the final playoff spots as one map could swing the entire placings.

Vitality came out of the blocks extremely strong, with 2-0 wins against NRG and Ghost. However, because they weren’t deemed the best teams at the event, people continued to sleep on Vitality.

This changed after Day 2 when they beat Liquid 2-0. ENCE, on the other hand, managed to tie all five of their games which left them in 4th place. Leaving them to take the final playoff spot.


After the group stage, the semi-final match-ups were confirmed. Vitality would face off against ENCE and Liquid would face regional rivals NRG. ENCE took a 1-0 lead in the series, but Vitality pulled off a reverse sweep. This included an insane overtime round on the last map to secure their spot in the final.

NRG have continually been improving but appeared to run out of steam near the end of the tournament. Liquid took the series 2-0, both maps finishing 16-8. They remained favourites going into the final.

The upsets continued in the grand final as Vitality took the series 2-0 and took home $64,000. The big question now will be whether Vitality can take this momentum into the Dallas major this week. They kick off against North tonight in the double-elimination bracket group stage.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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