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CS:GO Asia Championship 2019 Recap

This past weekend 8 CS:GO teams converged to Shanghai, China where they battled it out for their share of the $500,000 prize pool. With some big teams not in attendance, there was the opportunity for upsets and the entire event certainly didn’t disappoint.

Group Stage

The eight teams were split into two groups of 4 and played out double-elimination brackets. With every series being a best of three, it provided the opportunity for more upsets and games with more intensity.

Group A

Group A consisted of; Evil Geniuses, G2 Esports, MiBR and Tyloo.

Both opening games could be deemed as a surprise. Tyloo playing on home soil found success in a 2-0 victory over G2 however the games were relatively close. MiBR pulled off an upset in their 2-0 win over Evil Geniuses (the favourites for the event).

Normally in these cases only two teams advance from the group, but this time around three teams made it to playoffs which acted as a saving grace for some teams. Tyloo and MiBR battled it out to see who came out on top of the group, Tyloo picked up yet another 2-0 victory. They won both maps 16-12.

G2 and Evil Geniuses found themselves battling for tournament survival. Looking back, this was a weird series. Every map finished 16-5 with G2 dealing the first blow but ultimately Evil Geniuses won the series to advance to playoffs. Group A final standings can be seen below.

Position Team Record Round Score Round Difference
1st Tyloo 2-0 64-48 +16
2nd MiBR 1-1 56-55 +1
3rd Evil Geniuses 1-1 60-58 +2
4th G2 Esports 0-2 50-69 -19

Group B

Group B consisted of; Avangar, ENCE, Mousesports (Mouz) and ViCi Gaming.

Honestly coming into the event this group looked incredibly interesting. There was no clear favourite to win the group with each team having the potential to reach playoffs. With this being said, the opening games did end up going as majority predicted.

ENCE kicked things off with a fairly comfortable 2-0 win over ViCi and Mouz won both maps 16-11 against Avangar to have a positive start to their run. ENCE and Mouz then battled it out for 1st seed in a back and forth series. Eventually ENCE came out on top 2-1.

The elimination match consisted of ViCi and Avangar, it certainly didn’t disappoint. First map ended up going to overtime and the final two maps were competitive. Avangar found the edge near the end and took the series 2-1. Group B final standings can be seen below.

Position Team Record Round Score Round Difference
1st ENCE 2-0 75-51 +24
2nd Mousesports 1-1 67-65 +2
3rd Avangar 1-1 71-73 -2
4th ViCi Gaming 0-2 57-81 -24



With the upsets that occurred during the group stage, we got some interesting quarter-final match ups. Evil Geniuses’ got sent home surprisingly early after a 2-0 defeat against Mouz, who were now starting to heat up. The other quarter-final showcased MiBR and Avangar. MiBR found themselves down 1-0 but managed to pull off the reverse sweep and win 2-1 to advance to the semi-finals.


Tyloo were doing their home crowd proud by making it this far. They kicked the semi-finals off with a 16-6 map win and looked destined to reach the grand-final. This was until Mouz woke up and broke their hearts. Second map ended up going to overtime where Mouz won 19-17 and the final map took the full 30 rounds to decide the winner. Mouz came out on top with the 16-14 win to advance to the grand final.

The second semi-final was interesting as well. In the previous series it was two underdogs facing off. This time around it was two teams that had seen success in the past but recently been suffering from inconsistencies; ENCE and MiBR. MiBR kicked things off strong with their 16-14 win but their good run ended here. ENCE bounced back to win the final two maps and advanced to the grand finals.

Grand Final

Despite not having their home town favourites, Tyloo, in the grand final, the crowd were exceptional. Mouz and ENCE clashed in the final. They clashed previously in group stage in a back and forth series so the expectations were high for this one.

Mouz came out firing on all cylinders as they won both maps 16-10 and 16-11, meaning they were crowned your CS:GO Asia Championship 2019 Champions. Congratulations to the Mouz players and staff.


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