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CWL Championship 2019 Recap

The excitement has come to an end. CWL Championship 2019 has reached its conclusion and the Blacks Ops 4 Champion has been crowned. It was an iconic event this time around, with everyone recognising that we most likely we get to experience it again once franchising hits next year.

Group Stage Recap

I think it’s fair to say the group stage ended as many thought it would with maybe only one or two big upsets coming into play. Teams got scares in the early matches when amateur teams came in firing on all cylinders but eventually, everyone got into full swing.

Group B had without a doubt the biggest upset of the event. After performing so well in the Pro League all year and having consistently high placings, Gen.G were one of the favourites to win. However, they finished groups with an 0-3 record and a 2-9 map count. With their group consisting of Enigma6, Team WaR and Fuego (two teams from open qualifiers) this was a huge upset.

European young guns Singularity also made a name for themselves at this event. They kicked things off with a 3-0 win against Luminosity and continued this success to top their group undefeated. This strong performance from them seen UYU, a Pro League team, be eliminated in the group stage.

Sicario were really the only other curveball during groups. After a shaky start, they managed to finish 2nd in Group F behind 100 Thieves. This also meant Pro League team Midnight were eliminated. However, with Tommey building the Sicario roster, not many were surprised at this outcome.

Bracket Play

This is where your hope and dreams for the year come to die. Despite being a double-elimination bracket, it can be cruel with how it falls. Envy and Splyce were on the receiving end of the biggest upsets through this stage.

Envy faced Units in the opening winner bracket round and went in favouring the match-up due to Units recent inconsistent performances. However, Units clutched up and won the series 3-2. This sent Envy to the loser bracket to face Singularity, the team tearing Pro League teams apart. Singularity kept this up with a 3-1 win over Envy to send them home with a top 16 placing.

Splyce went head to head against EG to kick off their bracket run and swiftly fell 3-1. They got probably one of the easier teams in the loser bracket, Team WaR, but WaR managed to edge out a 3-2 victory to send them packing.

100 Thieves and FaZe ended up clashing in Loser Bracket Round 1, which meant one of these powerhouse teams would be having an early exit 100 Thieves pulled off the most amazing reverse sweep to keep their tournament hope alive and then went on a historic loser bracket run.

CWL Championship 2019 Grand Final

100 Thieves made their way to the grand final through that great loser bracket run I just mentioned. They had to take out the following teams; FaZe, Sicario, EG, Reciprocity, Enigma6 and then OpTic Gaming.

OpTic Gaming had looked strong all tournament long but after a few mistakes in their series against eUnited (winner advanced to grand final) the Greenwall started to fall apart. They went into the series against 100 Thieves and were picked apart. Considering this is the last time we will ever see the OpTic brand in Call of Duty, many fans were greatly upset with this outcome.

On the other hand, eUnited had essentially breezed their way into the grand final once again. Throughout the entirety of the Black Ops 4 season, no team had won the event won loser bracket. This meant 100 Thieves had a chance to make history at the final ever Call of Duty Championship.

The series was back and forward the entire way but eventually eUnited clutch up in the last map to take the series 3-2 and be crowned your 2019 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Champions. Congratulations to eUnited on the victory. Now we have to just wait and see wait comes from Franchising in the upcoming title.


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