CWL Miami Recap

CWL Miami Recap

CWL Miami Recap - CWL Pro League 2019 Playoffs Finals

This past weekend the final open event of the Black Ops 4 Season took place in Miami. With $150,000 prize pool up for grabs and 16 spots at the Call of Duty World Championships. The CWL Pro League Finals also took place at Miami. Teams had the chance to write their name in the history books and grab a share of the $1.25 million prize pool.

CWL Pro League Finals

In previous events, the pro teams from the league would compete through pool play and then a double-elimination bracket. This time around, the top four teams from each division qualified for the playoff bracket. Meanwhile, the remaining eight teams had to fight in a single-elimination bracket for the final two playoff spots.


The following teams were hoping to gain a spot in the playoff bracket:

  • Midnight Esports,
  • Evil Geniuses,
  • Luminosity Gaming,
  • UYU,
  • Team Envy,
  • Units,
  • Enigma6 Group,
  • Elevate

There was only really one close game during the play-in stage and that was between Midnight and Elevate in the opening round. The series ended 3-2 in Midnight’s favour. Luminosity, Evil Geniuses and UYU also made it through to the semi-finals alongside Midnight.

This meant EG (Evil Geniuses) would face UYU and Midnight would face Luminosity. The winner of each series would earn a spot in the playoff bracket. EG continued their strong performances and took a comfortable 3-0 over UYU. Luminosity and Midnight had a slightly closer series, but Luminosity came out on top with a 3-1 victory.


The 10 teams for the Playoff stage were now confirmed:

  • OpTic Gaming,
  • Gen.G,
  • FaZe Clan,
  • Team Reciprocity,
  • Evil Geniuses,
  • eUnited,
  • 100 Thieves,
  • Splyce,
  • Team Heretics,
  • Luminosity Gaming

Winners Bracket

With no pool play to fall back on, it was vital for teams to come out the gates hot. Due to seeding, four teams had to play in Round 1 whilst the rest advanced. Reciprocity brought a swift end to EG’s strong performances in a 3-0 win. On the other side of things, Luminosity pulled out a 3-2 victory over Heretics which was a slight surprise for some.

In Round 2 of the Winners Bracket, the upsets came rolling in. Luminosity hit OpTic with the 3-0 sweep and sent them to the Loser Bracket and FaZe did the exact same to 100 Thieves. eUnited and Gen.G picked up victories in their first matches which was expected.

In Round 3 FaZe continued their impressive showings with a 3-1 win over Luminosity and eUnited came out on top over Gen.G. Both eUnited and Gen.G have come so close to winning Championships this year so many felt that the winner of the series would go on to win the event. This looked true as eUnited beat FaZe 3-1 and secured their spot in the grand final.

Losers Bracket

The Loser Bracket was filled with excitement. Fans got to see 100 Thieves and OpTic face-off early on, with 100T hitting OpTic hard in a 3-0 victory. This meant OpTic were eliminated from playoffs with an 0-6 map count. Gen.G managed to get revenge on 100 Thieves for Anaheim in a series that went down to the wire and finished 3-2 in Gen.G’s favour.

Gen.G were eager to get continue their vengeance by getting a rematch against eUnited. They had to go through FaZe to do so and they tore through the FaZe roster with a 3-0 win. No grand final had gone to the second-best of 5 in Black Ops 4, until now.

Grand Final

Gen.G came out swinging in the grand final and took the first series 3-0, resetting the bracket and meaning whoever won the next series would lift the Pro League trophy. eUnited must have hit a hard regain and they won the final series 3-0 in a comfortable fashion.

Congratulations to eUnited on winning the Blacks Ops 4 Call of Duty Pro League Playoffs, it was well deserved after many consistent top performances throughout the season.


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