CWL Pro League Division B Week 1 Recap

Call of Duty Pro League Div B Week 1


This past week games kicked off for Division B of the Call of Duty Pro League. Due to some travel issues, Monday’s games had to be reshuffled. Meaning 100 Thieves vs. Envy got moved to next week’s matches. This week was full of shocks.

Shock as Europeans top the table

Coming into this Division, many were righting off Team Heretics from having any success. In their opening week, they faced off against: eUnited, Denial Esports, Enigma6, and Excelerate. They finished the week with a 4-0 record, putting them on the top spot.

Heretics weren’t expected to make a start like this due to their lack of success at this level in the past. You could argue Heretics had a more relaxed start to the season. However, when competing at this level managing to go 4-0 is impressive regardless.

100 Thieves still not impressing

After making potentially the most criticized roster change of the offseason, 100 Thieves still don’t like they should. On paper, the team is stacked and one of the best in the game. Despite this, they’ve found themselves holding a 1-2 record after the first week.

Granted one of these losses came against eUnited, who placed 2nd at CWL Vegas. They played Splyce in their first game and got dismantled 3-0, leaving fans incredibly worried. After bouncing back against Denial, the next day, it looked more promising. They managed to take eUnited all the way to the end of Map 5.

However, they threw away a round which gave eUnited the win. Many fans and pro players shared their shock of the situation on social media. With 100 Thieves owner Nadeshot even posting that the loss was “unacceptable. He quickly deleted the post.

Who’s the best team in the Division

I think it’s fair to say that eUnited is still the favourites in this Division. Their only loss so far came in their opening game against Heretics. They lost this game 3-2, but with the tough games Heretics have next week, we could see eUnited slip their way into the top spot.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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