DreamHack Masters Dallas Recap

DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 Event Recap

The most recent major CS:GO event has come to an end in Dallas. We once again got to witness two of the biggest names in Counter-Strike right now battle it out in the grand final.

Group Stage

This event has a unique group stage. With the 16 teams being split into two groups of eight and playing out a double elimination bracket to determine who reached the playoffs. For the first event in a while, there wasn’t a huge string of upsets. However, one underdog team did make an impressive run.

Group A

Group A was pretty much business as usual. Liquid cruised to first place in the group, only dropping 1 map which was against FaZe in the final series. After Vitality’s success at CS Summit before coming to Dallas, many expected them to start off hot with a huge momentum swing. This wasn’t the case, the fell against North in the opening round 16-14 and were left to make a loser bracket run.

Vitality then pulled themselves together and pulled off a flawless run in the loser bracket. Defeating both Lucid Dream and Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0. The final game in Group A was between Vitality and North. A rematch of the opening game we had seen just two days prior. Vitality got their revenge with a 2-0 victory and secured themselves the final playoff spot for Group A.

Group B

Group B had an underdog story. Furia Esports, the all Brazilian line-up are never seen as much of a threat. They took advantage of this and toppled a couple of household names in CS:GO this past week.

They started with being NRG 16-7 in the opening match up and then pulled off a 2-0 series win against Fnatic. This secured them a place in the playoffs, they just had to battle ENCE for the top spot. ENCE took the series 2-1 after they traded maps. In the loser bracket, G2 managed to overcome NRG and Renegades to secure the final playoff spot for Group B.


Furia continued their underdog run against Vitality in a comfortable series, coming them a top 4 placing. Meanwhile, FaZe dispatched G2 after a triple-overtime map to finish the series. In the semi-finals, Liquid proved too much for Furia and ENCE had a clean victory over FaZe.

This left ENCE and Liquid to battle it out for 1st place and the $100,000 prize that comes with it. The series didn’t start well for ENCE, they got demolished on their map pick. ENCE survived overtime on their weakest map but eventually ran out of steam and lost the series 2-1. Congratulations to Team Liquid for winning DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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