ESports and Reality TV? – “Making The Squad”

making the squad

Despite the somewhat odd seaming title, eSports and reality TV are coming together under G2 ESports. The well-known Spanish organization has set out to create a reality TV show with the online payment business paysafecard. The show, which will be based around popular battle royale game Fortnite will consist of an application process which will be whittled down over the course of the programme to four players, who will make up the new G2 Fortnite content roster. The players will also be supported by peripherals company Logitech, a company well known in eSports entertainment.


About the Sponsors

Not only is this a great chance for young players to pave their way to professional level within eSports but it also gives larger companies a chance to pitch in and build the next generation of gaming.

Among the sponsors are paysafecard, who have sponsored events such as ESL One, ESL Pro League and G2’s organization. Alongside this Logitech G have also invested in the project and will supply players with peripherals and other goodies whilst they are taking part in the show in Berlin. Team forming site have also joined in to promote their site which allows users to build squads in all types of games ranging from Fortnite to StarCraft.

How to Enter

If you are an up and coming Fortnite player who is looking to become professional you can apply through G2’s website here.

The process of the application is fairly standard asking for basic information but the key part is that they want content creators to create highlight clips to showcase their skill to earn their position in the top eight, these players will be flown to the G2 headquarters in Berlin and compete against each other for the top four spots.

Final Thoughts

This radical method of recruitment could see the creation of a new style of eSports, especially since traditional televised media is no longer reaching younger generations. The combination of both eSports and television is not a new creation as both the BBC and Sky have covered eSports events, however, it is certainly a new way of gathering an audience and should hopefully bring around a fresh wave in eSports entertainment.

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Ross Greenall
Ross Greenall