EU LCS Becomes Franchised and launches rebrand

Earlier today it was confirmed that the formally European LCS would be transitioning to a franchised league, however, due to a German law they have also have to rebrand the league. Moving forward it will be called the League of Legends European Championship – LEC for short.

This league will continue to host the top flight of professional League of Legends teams in the continent, but they aim for it to be more than just a league. They have stated that they intend to bring the diverse League of Legends community together through the shared love for the game that will help to create unforgettable moments through the years.

Regarding the format that the league will have, they haven’t told us much yet. The mentioned how they aim to mostly keep things as they were in previous seasons of the EU LCS, but with the possibility of a few minor refinements. It’s rumoured that there will be more news on the format and structure in the upcoming weeks.

On November 9th, Riot Games had filed a trademark application which revealed the new name and logo of the league. The previous logo looked incredibly similar to that of the North American Championship Series (NA LCS) however now has an entirely fresh look, as seen below.

league of legends european championship

Riot Games stated in the announcement that they “wanted a distinctive badge that LEC could call its own, so we came up with this mark that represents the explosive energy of the league, and the clash of Europe’s best teams.”

This announcement also included all of the organisations that got accepted into the franchised league, some of which have well-known investors on board such as; Steve Aoki and Imagine Dragons. The following teams will be competing in the upcoming LEC split:


This upcoming split will feature a mix of old familiar teams and new faces that are hoping to shake up the European scene.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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