Fortnite World Cup Recap

Fortnite World Cup Recap - Solo Finals & Duos Finals

Epic Games shocked the world of esports and gaming this year when they announced a $30 million tournament. This past weekend, the best players in the world made their way to the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. Those that qualified were already guaranteed $50,000, but it was time to push for more.

Duos Finals

The Duos Finals took place on Saturday 27th with a whopping $15 million on the line. As could be expected, there were come crazy games. The fast pace of Fortnite combined with the mechanical skill for building and editing means a split-second decision can alter the outcome of the game.

Aqua and Nyhrox who play for Cooler Esports, came out on top in the Duos Finals. They managed to gather an impressive 51 points. Meanwhile, Lazarus Esports’ Rojo and Wolfiez managed to secure second place with 47 points. 100 Thieves once again found themselves performing well at a major tournament, with Ceice and Elevate managing to jump up to 3rd place with 45 points.

Solo Finals

This is what most people had been waiting for. The 100-man lobbies filled with the best players in the world battling it out, on their own, to try and win the 1st place $3 million prize pool.

After the opening game, it was looking clear who was going to come out on top. The 16-year-old Bugha had possibly the best start imaginable. In the opening game, he managed to pick up nine eliminations and the Victory Royale, meaning he kick-started the tournament with 19 points.

In the games that followed, others were showing impressive bursts of performance, but Budga consistently picked up points in each game which helped him finish in 1st place with almost double the points of psalm in second place.

The Swedish player Crue put in a stellar performance in the final game. This seen him climb up to 6th place and grab himself $600,000. One of the most notable stories was 13-year-old KING from Argentina who finished 5th. Taking home $900,000 at such a young age must be an incredible feeling and we look forward to seeing his esports career in the future.


The Fortnite World Cup provided an incredible weekend of esports action for many around the world. With the media picking up on the large sums that young players have won, they are storming the headlines. We can just hope that this will shine a more positive light on the industry. With Season X just coming out and more tournaments to come this year, everyone should keep their eyes peeled.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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