LEC Week 1 Recap

Riot-LEC week 1 recap

The opening week of the LEC has come to an end, and the excitement leading up to the games didn’t disappoint. Heading into this Split the European league became franchised which seen old faces return but also had new organisations stepping into the space with big expectations to meet.

Fnatic starts slow

Fnatic, the team that went into the split as favourites to win, had an outright abysmal start. In the opening game of the split they were defeated by SK Gaming, who were making a return to the European league.

Fnatic were expected to breeze past Origen in their second game of the weekend but again fell short. We’re still trying to figure out if Origen outplayed Fnatic or if Fnatic beat themselves.  Considering G2 stomped over Origen, seeing them flip the coin on that result and go on to beat Fnatic doesn’t make much sense.

Excel spice things up

Newcomers Excel came into the split with a love hate relationship with the community. Most from the UK scene were backing Excel in every match and hoping to see them succeed, but they also received an extreme amount of hate from other fans of the game.

Some even claimed that Excel would fail to win a game all season. Excel’s first game was against Splyce, so not an easy game by any measure. They were impressive during the early game, taking the lead and it looked like they were in control, but their lack of experience and composure cost them the game in the end and they started the season with a loss.

Excel bounced back the next day and got their first win of the split against Rogue. In both games they showcased their raw talent and potential, but some of their flaws were identified. Considering this opening week wasn’t the most difficult of schedules, it will be interesting to see how they progress through tougher games.

Battle for first

G2 are tied for first place alongside Misfits, who both hold 2-0 records. G2 were second favourites to win the Spring Split following their upsets at Worlds, so this is a perfect start for them, especially with Fnatic starting 0-2. Misfits had a mediocre performance throughout 2018 but now seem to be filled with potential and should provide exciting games each week.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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