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League of Legends 2019 World Championship Group Stage Recap

An amazing two weeks of group stage action has come to an end at the League of Legends 2019 World Championships. We had 16 of the best teams in the world battling it out for the 8 playoff spots available. There were some upsets and surprises along the way. We take a look back at how each group went down.

Group A

Group A ended up being one of the more clear-cut groups, which was expected coming into the tournament. The group consisted of G2 Esports, Griffin, Cloud9 and Hong Kong Attitude. Cloud9 were the team some analysts had an eye on as causing a potential upset to either G2 or Griffin.

It was business as usual for both G2 and Griffin, and they ended their final day of the group stage with a tiebreaker for first place in the group. This tiebreaker came after the two faced each other in the final matchup, where Griffin came out on top to tie things up in first place. The tiebreaker took place immediately and Griffin carried the momentum through to win and secure 1st place.

Griffin and G2 advance to playoffs.

Position Team Record
1st Griffin 5-1
2nd G2 Esports 5-1
3rd Cloud9 2-4
4th Hong Kong Attitude 0-6

Group B

Personally, I think this group had the biggest surprise of all. With FPX, J Team, Splyce and GAM Esports, there was a good mix of playstyles to spice things up. The Chinese giants that are FPX were expected to breeze through this group, but they did stumble along the way. This has raised questions regarding how far they can actually go in the playoffs.

J Team started the group stages strong, holding a 2-1 record and opened things up with a win against FPX. Things turned for the worse on the day that truly mattered. To many peoples surprise, Splyce managed to pull off a 3-0 day and turn their record from 1-2 to 4-2 which managed to secure them 2nd place.

FPX and Splyce advance to playoffs.

Position Team Record
1st FunPlus Phoenix 4-2
2nd Splyce 4-2
3rd J Team 3-3
4th GAM Esports 1-5

Group C

Welcome the group of death. European fans were wincing when this group was announced, and rightly so. Their beloved Fnatic were matched against SK Telecom T1, Royal Never Give Up and Clutch Gaming. Granted, Clutch wasn’t as much of a worry but could still deal damage.

Fans were thrilled to see Faker and his rejuvenated SK Telecom roster kick things off at high pace. They stormed out with a 3-0 record in the opening games and fell short of the unbeaten record against Fnatic. However, there are rumours that this loss benefited them as it helped eliminate Royal Never Give Up from the tournament.

SK Telecom T1 and Fnatic make it out of the group of death

Position Team Record
1st SK Telecom T1 5-1
2nd Fnatic 4-2
3rd Royal Never Give Up 3-3
4th Clutch Gaming 0-6

Group D

Despite not being labelled the group of death, Group D was stacked with talent. Most notably Invictus Gaming, the current World Champions. Invictus was faced with DAMWON Gaming, Team Liquid and Ahq e-Sports Club.

To clear things up, Ahq were disappointing and finished 0-6, joining Hong Kong Attitude in the winless group of 2019. The remaining teams had a proper battle, all being tied 2-1 after the first round of action.

The second round of action took place today to round off groups. It was a spectacular day of League of Legends with many storylines being created and ended. North American fans were heartbroken on the final game of the day as Liquid fell short against Invictus which eliminated them from the tournament.

DAMWON Gaming surprisingly tops the group and Invictus join them in playoffs.

Position Team Record
1st DAMWON Gaming 5-1
2nd Invictus Gaming 4-2
3rd Team Liquid 3-3
4th Ahq e-Sports club 0-6


One chapter has closed now at the 2019 League of Legends World Championships. However, now eight teams remain, the cream of the crop, and they will battle it out in the quarter-finals next week. You can find details on each game below:

Quarter Final 1:

Griffin vs. Invictus Gaming @ 11:00 BST on Saturday 26th October

Quarter Final 2:

FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) vs. Fnatic @ 16:00 BST on Saturday 26th October

Quarter Final 3:

SK Telecom T1 vs. Splyce @ 11:00 BST on Sunday 27th October

Quarter Final 4:

DAMWON Gaming vs. G2 Esports at 16:00 BST on Sunday 27th October

With there being no loser bracket in the World Championship, every series is now a best of 5 and is life or death. We will have predictions posted for each quarter-final throughout this week. Make sure to keep an eye out and increase the chance of your bets coming through on some of the biggest League of Legends matches of the year.


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