London Leaked as the UK CWL Location

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Confirmed Location

The location for the European Open event in the CWL (Call of Duty World League) season, has finally been leaked after a heavy amount of speculation this past month or so. The initial rumours of the event being held in London appeared whenever a caster let it slip during one of the past CWL broadcasts.

Many players and fans have been waiting to find out where the European event in April will be held so that they can get their travel arrangements in order. Some find it frustrating that Anaheim was already confirmed in June, but we are still waiting for an official statement for an event that is only a couple of months away.

How we found out

The leak was actually confirmed via the Call of Duty Pro League handbook that all players receive. In the Open Events section (5.6.1), the handbook states:

“Teams and Players will be required to participate in all 2019 CWL Open Tournaments, including but not limited to: CWL Fort Worth, CWL London and CWL Anaheim (collectively, the “Open Events”).”

We know where, but not when

This statement confirms that the only CWL event that is occurring outside of North America will take place in London at some point in April. Despite knowing the location, the date and venue still haven’t been officially announced with is raising some concerns as everyone would prefer to have adequate time to get their affairs in order.

At the start of the Black Ops 4 Season in Las Vegas, the event calendar for the season was released and with their being online 2k tournament confirmed for the 7th April and 12th May, know the London event will be taking place at some point between those dates.

It would make sense for the CWL to be aiming to hold the event around the Easter holidays, maybe even on Easter weekend like some other events will be doing as more people will have the time to attend the event then.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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