LVP and Riot UK League Teams Confirmed


Yesterday afternoon, LVP (League of Videogames Professionals), who are working in conjunction with Riot to set up the first official UK League of Legends League announced the 9 teams that will be competing in the inaugural season starting in early 2019.

Many organisations showed interest in this UK League and it’s rumoured that there were a considerable amount of applications that eventually got dwindled down to the final 9 teams that got accepted. There are some new faces and some old familiar:

  • exceL Esports
  • MnM Gaming
  • Enclave Gaming
  • Bulldog Esports
  • DarkSpawn Gaming
  • Diabolus Esports
  • Barrage
  • Phelan Gaming

With both FNATIC and exceL already being confirmed as participants in the LEC (previously known as EU LCS), we imagine that they will be fielding academy rosters in the UK league.

It’s important to mention that Irish organisations were also allowed to apply for the league. The two most notable Irish organisations both applied but only one was successful, this being Phelan Gaming. It will be up to Phelan to showcase the talent pool of Irish Esports and hopefully help gain some exposure for the scene. The other Irish applicant was Nuclear Storm Gaming; however, they were unsuccessful and have wish Phelan the best of luck in their journey.

It’s exciting seeing Riot support UK grassroots Esports like this, as this form of structure is something that the UK League of Legends community has lacked for quite some time.

LVP has mentioned that there will be a full reveal of the UK League on January 23rd where we will find out about the decision for only having 9 teams in the league and they will explain the format of the new league to all.

We can imagine that the league will officially start sometime in late January / early February as that’s when the other official leagues like LEC and NA LCS will commence.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
Matt has been involved in Esports for the better part of 5 years now, more commonly known by those in the scene as Fozzii. In the past, he has competed at a high level in Esports and also managed teams and organisations, some of which went on to win a Championship. Esports is his passion and it's fair to say he's a fanatic.