MSI 2019 Recap

League of Legends MSI Mid Season Invitational Recap

The annual international League of Legends event was filled with upsets and world records being set. With the Western teams battling to show they’re true contenders, we witness a new MSI (Mid-Season Invitational).

Group Stage

After each national league and play-ins coming to an end, we knew the teams that would be competing on the live stage. Six teams played in a double round robin format with the top 4 advancing to the semi-finals.

Here is how the group stage finished:

Placing Team Record
1st Invictus Gaming 9-1
2nd SK Telecom T1 7-3
3rd G2 Esports 5-5
4th Team Liquid 4-6
5th Flash Wolves 3-7
6th Phong Vu Buffalo 2-8

One of the best matchups in the group stage was the first clash between Invictus and SKT. These two teams were argued as the two expected to reach the grand final. SKT are a historic team, with Faker as their star player, they are known for being one of the best teams in the world.

Invictus Gaming won the World Championship last season but didn’t receive full recognition because SKT weren’t there. Invictus went all out to show they should be regarded as the best in the world, beating SKT in a world record 16 minutes and 1 second. That’s the fastest ever game in Riot International Competition.


Team Liquid vs. Invictus and SKT vs. G2 Esports. It’s fair to say several people likely predicted these four teams to reach the knockout stage. This is when the biggest upset of the event happened.

The North American side Liquid are well known for struggling on the International scene, however, they rectified that with a 3-1 win against the World Champions Invictus in the semi-final.

The European side G2 came out very slow in the series against SKT. After the first map, there were worries that the series was going to be a fast and easy 3-0 sweep in the favour of SKT. Luckily, we got treated to a series that went down to the wire, with G2 edging out on top.

Grand Final – History was made

Not only did we witness the fastest game in international competitive history, but this was also the first time we got to witness an all-western grand final. NA fans had gotten their hopes up after the shock win against Invictus, but G2 went all out and crushed all hope.

G2 stomped all over Liquid in the grand, with one of the quickest finals we have ever witnessed. Not a single map lasted 30 minutes. The final map only took 18 minutes (the fastest ever in a final) and completed a 3-0 victory, crowning G2 as the new MSI Champions.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
Matt has been involved in Esports for the better part of 5 years now, more commonly known by those in the scene as Fozzii. In the past, he has competed at a high level in Esports and also managed teams and organisations, some of which went on to win a Championship. Esports is his passion and it's fair to say he's a fanatic.