NaVi back on top

NaVi StarSeries & i-League Season 7 2019 Champions

StarSeries & i-League Season 7 has come to an end. A new champion has been crowned, here’s a recap of their run through the tournament.

Group Stages

It was a nervous start for NaVi at this tournament. It looked like they may also be on the verge of a downfall following a 2-1 defeat to ViCi Gaming in their opening match. They quickly regained from this upset and were efficient with dispatching the remaining opponents they faced in groups.

Picking up a 2-0 win against BIG, a 2-1 win vs NiP and a 2-0 win against NRG. They finished with a 3-1 record in groups which tied them with ENCE and Vitality in 3rd place.

Quarter Final

This was a match that many had expected and hoped would be the grand final. NaVi vs ENCE, the two favourites to win the event. As you can imagine it was a fantastic series, with both teams fighting tooth and nail.

ENCE took the lead in the series with a 16-11 win on Train. ENCE looked in control to take the second map Inferno until s1mple (NaVi’s star player) pulled off an insane clutch to swing momentum in their favour.

After this NaVi tied the series up with a 16-12 win on Inferno. It went down to Overpass, and you could see NaVi getting in their groove, winning 16-11 and knocking ENCE out.

Semi Final

At this point, NaVi were expected to go on and win the event with some form of ease. Renegades were the next opponent, and they blew them out of the water in the opening map 16-5.

Renegades decided to spice things up a bit with their 16-8 win on Mirage to tie the series. However, NaVi weren’t risking anything in the last map and handed Renegades a 16-4 defeat on Train.

Grand Final

A Best of 5 Grand Final in Counter-Strike, it’s not often we get to see these. Fnatic vs. NaVi, a young team trying to live up to the expectations of their historical organisation against a team filled with experience and raw talent that could implode at any moment.

Fnatic didn’t make it too easy for NaVi, but they also failed to take a map away from them. NaVi won the final 3-0, here are the map results:

  • Mirage: 16-13,
  • Dust II: 16-11
  • Inferno: 16-10
Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
Matt has been involved in Esports for the better part of 5 years now, more commonly known by those in the scene as Fozzii. In the past, he has competed at a high level in Esports and also managed teams and organisations, some of which went on to win a Championship. Esports is his passion and it's fair to say he's a fanatic.