NPL Announces $1M Dollar Prize Pool for NA Events


The National PUBG League (NPL) has announced 4 events consisting of 3 phases to take place in 2019 with a total prize pool of $1M. This huge sum is split up into the different event types with 3 phases taking place in each.

The top qualifying teams of these events will represent North America in several events during the buildup to the Global Championship in November of this year.

$100K of the prize pool was already handed out in the NPL 2019 Preseason event, where Tempo Storm took home a huge $50K to start off the season.

Which teams are taking part in the NPL Events?

The 2019 season will span several events with 3 phases in each. The first event which will be NPL, plays host to the following American professional teams.

Ghost Gaming, Lazarus Esports, Oxymoron, Shoot to Kill, Simplicity, Cloud9, Spacestation Gaming, Smokin Aces, Team Envy, Tempo Storm, Adapt, Vicious Gaming, Why Tempt Fate, Noble Esports, Wildcard Gaming and eUnited.

How long does each phase last?

The phases will last around 5 weeks each and have a prize total of $200K.

  • Phase 1 of NPL begins on February 1 Phase 1 will be played on Fridays at 5PM and on Saturdays at 2PM.
  • Phase 2 begins on May 3rd see Phase 1 for times.
  • Phase 3 begins on September 6th see Phase 1 for times.

How can smaller teams get involved?

The NPL are also running a separate league of 16 smaller teams. These teams will compete against the current NPL teams in the NPL Royale event. Phases for the NPL Contenders league will last for 4 weeks, as opposed to the standard 5.

  • Phase 1 begins on February 5th
  • Phase 2 begins on May 7th
  • Phase 3 begins on September 10th

Total prize pool for each stage is $6K with a first-place price of $40K.

What is NPL Relegation?

2 weeks into each NPL Phase, the bottom 6 teams from the NPL will face off against the top 10 teams from NPL Contenders. The relegation system will see smaller teams move up to the NPL and some higher tier teams to move down respectively.

  • Phase 1 NPL Relegation set to take place on March 22nd to 24th
  • Phase 2 NPL Relegation set to take place on June 21st to 23rd
  • Phase 3 NPL Relegation set to take place on October 25th to 27th

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Ross Greenall
Ross Greenall