OpTic Gaming secure Call of Duty Franchising Spot

Optic Gaming and WISE Ventures confirm secured Call of Duty franchising spots - Gary Vaynerchuck Immortals Gaming Club

Earlier today it was confirmed that OpTic Gaming, now owned by Immortals Gaming Club have confirmed a spot for the upcoming franchised Call of Duty league. They will be taking up the LA-based franchised spot but there has been a heavy amount of backlash since the announcement.

Two New Cities

Alongside the announcement regarding the LA spot going to OpTic Gaming, a second city-based franchise spot was confirmed. The Minnesota position will be taken up by WISE Ventures. WISE Ventures are a fund based in Manhattan and the popular entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk is an investor.

A Social Media Slip Up

Activision had confirmed the two cities joining the franchised league. However, on the post by OpTic it appears that they may have accidentally leaked the name of the new league. In the post, they stated that they had secured a spot for the “CDL 2020”.

While we don’t know what the CDL stands for yet, there have been many theories that make sense. The best is that the league will be called: Call of Duty League (CDL). This follows in the same path as the Overwatch League (OWL) which is also a Blizzard Activision franchised league.


When the announcement tweet came out, many fans were thrilled to see that the OpTic brand would continue its life in Call of Duty. This was despite not knowing what the full future held.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem all that good for the iconic brand. Shortly after the franchising announcement, Hector Rodriguez (H3CZ), tweeted “That aint us”. This basically confirms that the OpTic that will be competing next year isn’t the OpTic that many have grown to love over the years.

There were tweets from other OpTic members; Scump, Crimsix and Create to name a few that weren’t content with the announcement. Crimsix even put tweets out threatening to no longer wear the correct jerseys at the pro league.


All in all, it’s great to see more franchised spots being sold to strong companies that should help to grow the scene a great deal. Although, it is rather upsetting to see what is happening to the OpTic brand. It seems like the members that helped build it and make it special, will no longer be a part of the organisation.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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