Optic Gaming’s Shaky Start to CWL Pro League

Optic Gaming CWL Vegas Winners

Week 1 of the Call of Duty Pro League took place this past week and things didn’t start off as expected for many teams.

Optic Gaming Stunned

Optic came into the pro league as favourites to finish 1st. There was plenty of reason for fans and analysts to have this opinion, they’ve won everything possible so far this season both online and offline which made them obvious favourites. They kicked off the season against newcomers Midnight, who many fans didn’t know much about.

Can Midnight go all the way?

Midnight hit the ground running on opening day against Optic Gaming, taking the series 3-0. This is something very few people expected, and even those who thought Midnight could win, didn’t believe they’d do it in a clean sweep. Midnight went on to beat Evil Geniuses 3-0, Red Reserve 3-2 and UYU 3-0. This meant they finished week 1 with a 4-0 record, the only team to do so in Division A of the Pro League.

Optic Resurge

Optics issues were hugely down to a key player having visa issues. Star player Dashy had visa problems so was unable to travel to the pro league in time to compete, meaning Optic’s newest substitute Zooma had to step in. The roster had minimal practice together before their opening game against Midnight but that doesn’t give them the excuse of losing 3-0. After the upset defeat, people were wondering if Optic would come out of week 1 with a win and it looked like it might happen when UYU pushed them to map 5 in their second match of the week. Optic were able to clutch up and take the series 3-2, putting the first tally in their win column of the season.

Optic still favourites

Their remaining games of the week were against Evil Geniuses and Reciprocity. They took the series against Evil Geniuses convincingly with a 3-0 and on paper it could look like they did the same against Reciprocity with their 3-1 win, but every game actually went down to the wire.

Even with the shaky start and sitting in 3rd place, Optic will still be favourites to win Division A of the Pro League. Dashy will hopefully re-join the team shortly but for the mean time they seem to have got things clicking with Zooma well enough to continue winning series.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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