StarSeries Season 7 Round 2 Recap

StarSeries Season 7 Round 2 Recap

Round 2 is the first time where we see high and low matches at this event. High matches will be for the teams that hold a 1-0 record. Low matches will be those with an 0-1 record battling it out.

High Matches

More upsets unfold, once again MiBR slipping in form. Renegades were my pick as the underdog for this event, and they’ve started strong. They now hold a 2-0 record following a 2-1 victory over MiBR. Renegades dominated the opening map, Train, winning 16-4. MiBR bounced back with a 16-8 win. This set up a tense final map, which Renegades came out on top of 16-9.

FaZe proceeded with business as usual in their matchup against ViCi Gaming. With 16-10 and 16-3 maps wins, propping themselves on a 2-0 record. Fnatic found themselves in another close series, this time against NRG.

Despite the 2-0 map count, each map was pushed right to the end. Cache finished 16-13 and Nuke finished 19-15, both in Fnatic’s favour. The final high match was ENCE vs. Vitality. Did we witness the beginning of the end to ENCE’s fairy-tale story? They were defeated 2-1 and got embarrassed 16-4 on Dust.

Low Matches

It looks like teams are starting to find their footing now, following two rounds of action. NaVi got things rolling again against BIG. They steamrolled Mirage 16-4and took Dust II 16-11, putting them on a 1-1 overall record.

Tyloo reinforced that they need to be taken seriously. This is following a strong 2-0 victory over Panda. Tyloo took Inferno 16-2 and Dust II 16-9. I think others should take this as a warning sign, as we’ve seen before that Tyloo can cause upsets.

Spirit bounced back with a 2-1 win over paiN. However, the most exciting Low Match was NiP vs North, without a doubt. Two highly regarded teams, fighting it out to put a tally in their win column. It was a back and forth series.

NiP took the lead with a 16-14 win on Nuke. North then tied it up with a 16-12 win on Train. Mirage became the decider, and we were treated to a 16-12 victory that ended in NiP’s favour. North now hold an 0-2 record and will be fighting for their tournament lives from here on out.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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