StarSeries Season 7 Round 4 Recap

StarSeries Season 7 Round 4 Recap

Another eventful day in Shanghai has come to an end. We got a proper treat today, comebacks, overtime and more teams being knocked out.


Round 4 Low Matches took place today, and some fan favourites had to say their goodbyes. NiP won both maps 16-13 against ViCi Gaming and sent them packing. Tyloo and BIG had an excellent back and forth series that seen Tyloo being sent home after a 2-1 defeat.

The most interesting Low Match today was without a doubt North vs. MiBR. Arguably two of the better teams at the event battling for survival. North appeared to have a comfortable outing, winning 2-0 and leaving MiBR with yet another disappointing tournament exit.

Playoffs Secured

Three teams today secured their spot in the playoffs. Vitality had a bit of a scare after a 16-3 loss on Dust II against Spirit, but they managed to clutch up with a 2-1 series victory. NaVi looks to be entirely on top of things again following a 2-0 win against NRG. NaVi had a shaky start in their first game but have looked extremely strong since then.

The best matchup of the day was ENCE vs. FaZe. The upcoming Finnish team is still having to prove themselves as one of the best in the world. Today’s game acted as yet another statement.

They found themselves down 1-0 in the series after a 22-19 overtime loss on Dust II. They picked themselves up and won both Nuke and Overpass 16-10 to secure their spot in the final 8 of the leagues.

Last Chance to Qualify

There are three games taking place tomorrow:

  • NiP vs. Spirit,
  • NRG vs. BIG,
  • North vs. FaZe

I think it’s fair to say NiP, NRG and FaZe are all expected to come out on top and book a place in the playoffs stage of the event. However, with the number of upsets that have been happening in Counter-Strike recently, no win is guaranteed.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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