Tekken 2019 World Tour Revealed

Official Tekken World Tour 2019

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and Twitch have come together to announce the full details of the official Tekken World Tour 2019. The World Tour is returning this year with extra stops, an updated format and a World Finals event in Bangkok, Thailand.

Key Information

The World Tour is returning with over 25 international stops in 2019. The season will have a minimum of a $185,000 prize pool. The finals are held in Bangkok with at least $100,000 up for grabs.

This year they are introducing two new competitive categories. One of which allows smaller community events to award World Tour ranking points.

Tour Locations

There are new additions to the tour. Such as events in places like Toronto, Dubai, Athens, Cape Town and more. The Evolution Championship Series (Evo) 2019 Tournament that is in Las Vegas is now becoming part of the World Tour.

Another notable event is Combo Breaker which is held just outside of Chicago. Other events are returning to popular locations like Atlanta, Berlin, and Tokyo.

The season kciks off at the MIXUP event in Lyon, France on April 20th.

Official Statement

The Vice President of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc, Eric Hartness, had this to say following this announcement:

“Every year, the Tekken World Tour has set the stage for some of the most dramatic stories to come out of the esports world. We look forward to entertaining the millions of fighting game fans around the globe with another great season of high-level competitive Tekken 7 play!”


According to a release, The Tekken World Tour Finals in Bangkok has a $100,000 “baseline purse.” This suggests that the prize pool has the potential to increase. They will most likely follow the path that Valve have taken. Valve host The International event for Dota 2 which incorporates crowdfunding from in-game purchases and sales.

Twitch is the exclusive partner for the World Tour meaning that every event is streamed through their platform.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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