Texas Esports selling majority stake in Optic Gaming & Houston Outlaws

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Who are Texas Esports?

Texas Esports are the majority owner of holding company Infinite Esports & Entertainment and are reportedly seeking to sell their stake in the organisation for a figure of $150 million. This has shocked many, but some people were waiting for a change to happen because of the high levels of criticism the company has received for decisions that were made in 2018.

What they helped with

The Texas Esports group is led by the Texas Rangers owners Neil Leibman and Ray Davis. They invested into Infinite and their plans with OpTic Gaming and the Overwatch League franchise Houston Outlaws. The group seemed to be one of the biggest reasons that helped OpTic secure a spot in the franchising of the NA LCS as well as helping set up their Overwatch franchise.

They didn’t just help with securing franchising spots for the company, they were also a driving force that allowed numerous OpTic players and members of the staff team to move to Frisco, Texas.

What we can expect

It’s expected that Infinite will likely go up for sale in February, and this is all following the company’s decision to lay off two dozen workers near the end of 2018.

These changes have fans worried about the future of their beloved teams, but for some, it seems like this needed to happen sooner better than later. Fans have had severe levels of uproar over decisions, specifically those made within OpTic Gaming, this past year that the majority shareholders seemed to have a heavy hand in enforcing.

Unhappy fans and players

The decision that fans were most vocal about was the release of the historic OpTic Halo team, that had brought the organisation nothing but success and good reputation.

There have also been comments made by those still operating under OpTic that shine a negative light on the investment group. Members of the OpTic Call of Duty team raised their opinions the most, hinting that the company is less than functional and the cause of many problems.

Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon
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