Top 10 CS:GO players of 2018

Top 10 CS:GO players of 2018

top 10 csgo players of 2018

After another exciting year in Counter-Strike, it’s time to count down the top players that have showcased their talent in 2018. This list covers the best players in terms of ratings, performances and upcoming talents too. There are also a few clips to show off these players and help put across the achievements they’ve made. So, let’s get right into the countdown!

#10: Smooya (BIG) HLTV Rating 1.16

smooya-csgo 2018

The first AWPer on this list but one that deserves every bit of credit. At only 19 years of age, smooya has showcased his ability on the big stage at major events as well as taking on top-tier players like s1mple, coldzera and many more. With a K/D of 1.32 at Major events smooya is a force to be reckoned with in front of a crowd and will most likely have a bright future in competitive CS.

#9: ZywOo (Team Vitality) HLTV Rating 1.40

zywoo csgo 2018

At the young age of only 18, ZywOo has begun his rise to stardom in professional CS. Racking up an impeccable performance as both a rifler and AWPer, he has maintained an incredible rating of 1.40 over the last 12 months.

Not only has he stomped over tier 2 and 3 players but also proven that he can perform at tier 1 level with his new team, Vitality. Not only this, but he has the highest rating out of everyone on his team, besting players like NBK-, RpK and Happy.

Check out the twitch clip below which proves this is a player to watch out for in the future.

#8: EliGe (Team Liquid) HLTV Rating 1.14

elige team liquid

One of the best North American riflers, his high sensitivity allows him to quickly transfer between enemies and land incredible headshots. EliGe is also a very consistent player with a great rating over the year. Despite his K/D only being 1.09, the frags he makes in a round are normally crucial kills which opens up maps for Team Liquid.

#7: XANTARES (Space Soldiers) HLTV Rating 1.26


Turkish star XANTARES has not had the huge tournament wins that you would expect to see from a player of this caliber. Space Soldiers haven’t really been able to show off his talent but individually he is an outstanding rifler. His fast reaction times and high headshot percentage, 55%, whilst also maintaining a deadly spray, make him one of the top talents in CS right now.

#6: NiKo (FaZe Clan) HLTV Rating 1.22

niko img-csgo

NiKo is no stranger to being considered one of the best CS players in the world. Despite a decline in FaZe Clans overall performance, NiKo continues to be a high fragging headshot machine. With an average headshot percentage of 52%, NiKo is deadly with rifles and especially the deagle.

#5: Coldzera (MIBR) HLTV Rating 1.20


One of the biggest stars in recent years, coldzera has repeatedly shown his rifle, deagle and awping skills over the course of 2018. He has major wins under his belt and will most likely be hungry for another win in 2019. Cold has not only showed his ability to rack up high numbers with a 1.28 K/D but also a great headshot percentage of 48%. Definitely one of 2018s best players.

#4: Xyp9x (Astralis) HLTV Rating 1.04


Despite not being a high fragging player, Xyp9x isn’t called the clutch master for nothing. His ability to win out rounds where the odds are completely against him makes him one of the great players of 2018. Xyp9x also has great aim with a 41% headshot rating over 2018. Definitely a player to watch in Astralis.

#3: Electronic (Na’Vi) HLTV Rating 1.19

electronic navi

The first Na’Vi player on the list, electronic is a young star that has a hopeful future as one of the greatest in CS history. After playing for a while under Na’Vi, the youngster has shown that he can play up to the best of them. Electronic also has a great 1v1 clutch record with 41 wins to 19 losses, making him a great supporting player to s1mple. Hopefully, his future remains bright and he builds up to being a CS legend.

#2: Dev1ce (Astralis) HLTV Rating 1.23


This entry should be no surprise if you’ve been watching competitive CS in 2018. One of the reasons for Astralis’ dominant performance is due to the AWPing and tactical skill of dev1ce. He is one of few AWPers that can step up to players like s1mple whilst also locking down a key aspect of Astralis’ teamplay.

His skill is most notable on maps like Inferno and Nuke where his aggressive yet intelligent playstyle allows him to find picks but drop back if necessary.

#1: S1mple (Na’Vi) HLTV Rating 1.35

s1mple best csgo player 2018

Coming in at number 1 with absolutely no surprise, it’s s1mple. The Ukrainian superstar has managed to continue his reign of terror in CS. Not only does he manage to hit insanely fast flick shots with the AWP but is also extremely capable with rifles and pistols, as seen by his 40% headshot ratio.

The sheer number of kills that the 21-year-old can achieve in a match is awe-inspiring. His K/D from the last 12 months has been 1.50, something practically unheard of at the top levels. There is no doubt about the skills of this player, since he has proved them on so many occasions.


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