Top 10 Highest-Earning Esports Teams in 2018

Top 10 Highest-Earning Esports Teams in 2018

Top 10 Highest Earning Esports Team

In 2018 we witnessed substantial growth in the Esports industry and this included this rise in prize pools, which surpassed $130 million USD across the top 10 titles.

#10 Vici Gaming: $3.03M

Vici Gaming took full advantage of the massive prize pool at The International by fielding 3 teams; Vici Gaming, VGJ.Storm and VGJ.Thunder. Even with the highest placing for one of their teams being 7th/8th they still managed to combine for $1.15M at the event.

#9 FNATIC: $3.27M

FNATIC’s winnings haul came mainly from three major Esports titles: League of Legends ($1.22M), this included a 2nd place finish at LoL Worlds, as well as CS:GO ($1.37M) and Dota 2 ($525K).

#8 Cloud9: $3.28M

Cloud9 had a successful year with a couple of big tournament wins, including its London Spitfire’s success in the Overwatch League which helped pull in $1M of winnings, the rest was spread across CS:GO, Rocket League and League of Legends.

#7 Astralis: $3.65M

Astralis only have one team, and that’s their extremely successful CS:GO team. They won multiple majors throughout the course of 2018 and were the first team to complete the Intel Grand Slam to net an extra $1M.

#6 Virtus.Pro: $3.96M

VP did great in Dota in 2018 with wins at 4 majors throughout the season, this ended with a 5th-6th finish at The International and this made up most of their winnings.

#5 FaZe Clan: $4.08M

Fortnite was a winner for FaZe, with Tfue and the team pulling in $2.36M of winnings, the most of any organisation to date. The rest came through a Call of Duty playoff victory and PUBG.

#4 Evil Geniuses: $4.17M

EG has been a staple in Dota since the dawn of time, and their success continued this year with $3.24M of their winnings coming from the title and the remainder from their COD Champs victory.

#3 Paris Saint-Germain Esports: $5.35M

PSG managed to pull out a second place finish at The International and earned $4.07M, the rest of their income came from other Dota majors with $81,000 coming from their Rocket League team.

#2 Team Liquid: $7.2M

Team Liquid as an organisation, had a fantastic year showing success in multiple titles leading to this large chuck on winnings: Dota 2 ($3.23M), Fortnite ($1.31M), CS:GO ($1.03M), PUBG ($519,000) and League of Legends ($419,000). Liquid even managed to control the Quake Champions to pull in an extra $197,000.

#1 OG: $11.47M

It was inevitable that whoever won the Dota 2 International would top this list, and OG’s first place secured them an incredible $11.23M winnings from the one event alone. Despite this success in Dota, OG struggled to find success in other titles with Super Smash Bros Melee being their second highest winnings with just $3,300.


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