Top 10 League of Legends Players of 2018

Top 10 League of Legends Players of 2018

Top 10 League of Legends Players of 2018

The 2018 Season was a thrilling one for professional League of Legends across the world. We witnessed the North American LCS become franchised with new organisations stepping in and the growth it has provided the Esports industry has been stellar with many external companies stepping in to provide large chunks of investment.

#10 – Deft

LoL Deft

Deft has been a staple in competitive League of Legends since 2014 when he played for Samsung Galaxy Blue, whilst on this roster he impressed viewers and competitors with his precise team fight positioning and the moved to China where he mastered his laning mechanics with EDward Gaming. Since this he has returned to South Korea to compete as part of KT Rolster where he has taken up the lane-focused style he learnt in China. Following the bot lane meta shift earlier this year, Deft adjusted to this accordingly and became a vital aspect of the team thanks to he’s flexible and willingness to help his team.

#9 – Bang

Bang LoL

Bang could challenge anyone for the crown of consistency. He had been on SKT T1 for as long as anyone can remember but was recently announced to be joining NA LCS team, 100 Thieves. This move most likely came to fruition following the disappointing end to the Season SKT T1 had, when they failed to even quality for Worlds, but despite this Bang has still be a top performer this year and is regarded as one of the best ADCs in the world.

#8 – Caps

Caps League

The hero of Europe, and the star on the upcoming powerhouse FNATIC. Caps is known for his mechanical powers, but these would sometimes become overwhelmed by his poor decision making. He obviously worked hard to fix the few flaws he had as he was a crucial part of FNATIC’s run in Worlds this year and made history as the first EU team to make Worlds grand finals.

#7 – Ming

Ming LoL

Ming was ranked as the 8th best player this tear at Worlds but comes in one higher here at 7th due to a strong year across the board. He plays Support for Royal Never Give Up and aided Uzi all year, together the two dominated the bot lane in the LPL. It’s fair to say that without a good support, an ADC player can struggle a lot, however Ming appears to compliment Uzi’s playstyle perfectly and the pair are without a doubt one of the best duos.

#6 – Smeb

Smeb League of Legends

Smeb is argued as one of the best top laners in the world and makes up part of the KT Rolster team, a strong roster from the LCK who won the Summer Split this year. KT started Worlds in strong fashion, as expected as one of the favourites, with Smeb playing a key part in their 6-0 group stage performance. Unfortunately, they met Invictus early in bracket play and got knocked out.

#5 – Ruler

Ruler 2018

Since hitting the main stage in 2016, Ruler has consistently been knocked down and criticised for what is regarded as having a small champion pool. Despite struggling when outside of his comfort zone, he does dazzle fans when playing with his signature picks like; Varus, Jhin and Ezreal. He stunned everyone after the bot lane meta change when he decided to stick with the traditional playstyle and excelled with them.

#4 – Kiin

Kiin 2018

Kiin plays top lane for LCK team, Afreeca Freecs. They had a decent year, making playoffs in both the Spring and Summer Split but failed to cement themselves in the finals. Their run to Worlds and their performances there were aided by how much they could rely on Kiin to win his top lane thanks to his raw talent and incredible in game decision making, unfortunately they didn’t make it to the final but will be aiming to win the 2019 LCK Spring Split.

#3 – Score

Score 2018 top player

We have yet another member of the KT rolster team, this time it’s Score who plays Jungle for them but has dabbled at both top and bot lane in the past. He’s been solidified in this team since 2014 and has lead them to success since but unfortunately his strong performances weren’t enough to help them against Invictus at Worlds. Despite this he was a vital element for KT through the regular season as his ability to aid either lane when required as well as staying ahead on CS helped them finish 1st in Summer Split and they even went on to win the playoffs.

#2 – Rookie

Rookie top 2018

Rookie has received his fair bit of stick as he is one of many Korean players that have moved to China to “chase a bigger paycheck”. He flipped these claims on their head during Invictus Gaming’s run at Worlds this year where he made a strong claim as the best player in the world but also displayed his high level of raw talent as his bullied world-class mid laners as they breezed their way to a Worlds Championship win.

#1 – Uzi

Uzi League of Legends

Uzi has been a dominant force in the bot lane over the past few splits, however, opted to take a break at the start of the summer but showed no rust after his return to the RNG roster. His mechanical ability and consistency in unmatched right now, this has led to 2 straight LPL titles and victory at the Mid-Season Invitational. Uzi has everything you’d need from an ADC, in particular his laning ability and team fighting potential which is why is widely regarded as the best player in the world.

With a storm of roster changes going down heading into the 2019 Season, there is certainly the potential to see some new faces breaking into these lists new year.


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