Payment methods for esports betting

Esports is a relatively new, though fast-growing online sport. This means that in recent years the betting market has grown considerably, in some cases almost too fast. This quick growth has caused concerns for some users, as it means that they are unsure what are good payment methods to use and which sites are even reliable when it comes to placing any bets. This article will outline the various payment methods that are on offer to bettors, and also show how players can make the correct decisions when it comes where and how they play.

One major question that is commonly asked is simply why there are so many different payment options. This is a simple thing to answer and is because different sites and companies will use different payment systems depending on the deal or partnership that they have. In addition, players will note that some companies will use a number of different payment options rather than simplifying and offering just one.

The answer to this is also simple and is just that it allows customers a range of choices, allowing them to choose the option that suits their payment needs the most. Payment options will offer different things from each other and can offer varying degrees of anonymity, different fees, varying deposit and withdrawal amounts and much more. This article will, therefore, outline the various companies that offer payment solutions, allowing the reader to be able to select the option that adapts to their needs the most.

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Before detailing all the companies it is important to understand what it is that the various payment options actually offer. SHOW for example, is one of the largest card payment options and this allows players to make direct transfers from their bank to the supplier. For the most part, this option is accepted throughout the world. In similar fashion, both VISA and MasterCard are also highly recognisable brands that can be used almost anywhere in the world. Almost all sellers, stores and retailers, both on and offline, will accept payment by these methods. The only drawback is that some sites will add a small fee to any transactions that are made, so players should check for this prior to using this option.

An up and coming form of payment is that of eWallets. These are becoming one of the more popular ways to pay and there are now a plethora of options available, each with slightly different features and operating in different parts of the world.

EcoPayz works in most countries and can be used in the player’s preferred currency. There is also the option to get a virtual card attached to this system which allows players to make deposits in advance and can be used wherever the MasterCard is accepted.

Another highly popular choice is Neteller. This is one of the more commonly used eWallets and has actually been in operation in the online gaming world for some considerable time. Withdrawals and deposits are both made easy and all transactions occur quickly and securely.

Paysafecard is a type of online voucher that has a 16-number code that is specific to the supplier. This brings huge advantages to those who wish to remain anonymous online as it does not require any personal information or bank details to be input into the system. Similarly, Trustly offers quick transactions directly from an internet bank into the online gaming account. The lesser-known Citadel Direct operates along similar lines to Trustly and allows players to make payments from their bank account directly and instantly into the account of the supplier or casino site.

EntroPay Card works in a similar way to ecoPayz, as it too offers its clients the chance to use a virtual MasterCard. This prepaid option does mean that both virtual VISA and MasterCard can be used online anywhere that these two cards are accepted. Money can be charged directly to the card using a regular debit card and transactions are safe and very fast.

Zimpler is yet another eWallet that has sprung up in recent years and is connected to the mobile phone. This method is an invoice service which can be paid through the phone number to whoever needs to be paid. In order to use it, players need to get a four-digit pun number that will be received by them through an SMS. Zimpler will then pay the company and allows the customer two weeks to pay them back.

Inpay works along similar lines to many of the other eWallets, allowing direct transfer of funds from bank account to player account. Similarly, so does sofort, Yandex Money (the latter primarily aimed at the Russian market) and Moneta.

The last two eWallets available are two of the bigger names in the industry – Skrill and PayPal. Both offer expedient and secure methods of sending money between online accounts and offer trustworthy services.

The final payment method is Bitcoin. This is a cryptocurrency recently becoming more popular online. At this time there are still only a select few sites that will accept payment in this form but it is gradually spreading. It does, however, offer fast and safe payments with high anonymity.

With all of these payment methods outlined, it should be easy for players to find the perfect option for their needs, allowing them a smooth and safe gaming experience.

Recommended betting sites

Betway Payment has ten different options that cater towards the Swedish market, particularly aimed at depositing funds. Options include paying by invoice, thus offering an increased flexibility in how and when payments are made, and it covers all different transaction types.

Specifically aimed at gamers, Skin Pay is a recent addition to payment methods for esports. Skins are collectables that players earn when playing the games. Each have a different value and some sites, such as Arcanebet, will now accept bets paid in skins rather than in real cash. The skins that are bet on a specific outcome will be converted into real money depending on their online value.