Esports Betting With PayPal

Esports Betting With PayPal

The revolutionary idea that is PayPal, was launched back in 1998. Since then it’s had its changes but has remained the same, with its main purpose being an easy way for people and companies to transfer money online. Esports betting and PayPal is a match made in heaven as a majority of gamers will have used PayPal at least once before, if not on a regular basis.

Esports betting sites accepting PayPal

Many of the most popular Esports betting sites will accept PayPal as an option, some include but are not limited to:

Having reputable bookmakers providing PayPal as a payment option makes Esports gambling much easier for many users.

How does Esports betting using PayPal work?

It’s rather simple, upon signing up to a bookmaker, you will be required to link a payment method. It’s the exact same as it would be if you were to use the traditional method of credit/debit card.

How to deposit:

Upon signing up to a betting site each user will be required to set up a payment method, with some bookmakers PayPal will be an option. All you need is a PayPal account that has a debit card, credit card or bank account connected to it, then you can use this as your payment method when registering and it will become your automatic option for withdrawals and deposits. The likes of Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all available options on PayPal.

How to withdraw:

When using PayPal, a user will be provided with multiple options regarding withdrawals; funds can be sent to another PayPal user, an electronic bank transfer can be processed (this option isn’t available in all countries), users can request a check and a PayPal debit card also exists which the balance can be added to.

Why Esports betting sites and PayPal go hand in hand

For those keen to place bets on their preferred Esports title, PayPal offers a quick and convenient payment method. All users need to do to get started is to create an account and place a small deposit using their PayPal. Unlike your traditional debit and credit cards that can sometimes make you wait up to 7 days before you receive your withdrawal, with PayPal they typically offer fast withdrawals that tend to be instant.

PayPal is also a safe option, especially for those that may be weary. PayPal offers fantastic customer support and provides both seller and buyer protection, users could also use it to budget as they can hold funds here that are separate from your primary bank account.

Try CSGO gambling with PayPal

CSGO is one of the most popular Esports titles and has been for many years now, it has also become notorious for its skins and the betting that has been developed around them and now fans and players will have another way to gamble.

Fans can bet on CSGO matches using PayPal through bookmakers that support the payment method, some of those are mentioned above. For those that plan to partake in skin betting, it’s recommended that you read how to do so safely:

CSGO betting sites that accept PayPal

Not every bookmaker has opted to make PayPal a payment option for betting, however, there are many reputable gambling options where PayPal is supported, most notably; Betway, Bet365 and William Hill. These are some of the most popular bookmakers and all started in traditional sports but have since started offering gambling options for Esports. Fans will be able to place bets across a wide range of Esports titles on these platforms and all require a minimum deposit of £10.

Are there any disadvantages using PayPal over other eWallets?

It should be noted that not all bookmakers offer PayPal as a payment method yet. Most large, traditional bookmakers will provide PayPal as an option but if you are planning on using more Esports specialist betting sites then sometimes you won’t be able to use PayPal.

On top of this, some bookmakers offer bonuses when signing up to their services but to receive them you may have to use a debit or credit card. Users will be able to activate PayPal as an option for payments later down the line, but this could be annoying during sign ups.

Other Esports betting payment methods

If PayPal isn’t your preferred option for making an Esports gambling deposit, you can try the below options:

There are also options for prepaid cards like Paysafecard that provide a strong amount of safety and flexibility, although users will be unable to make withdrawals to the likes of Paysafecard.

Final thoughts on using PayPal as a payment option

All in all, PayPal provides users with a safe and reliable way to make instant deposits and receive efficient, fast withdrawals on many Esports betting sites, however, not all which could be a potential issue for some users.

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